New Things

The week rolled around to another beautiful Saturday morning. After my wife’s customary run, we’d taken a naked swim which ended with a steamy 69 session. Following that, my wife showered and headed to the spa for a well-deserved massage and timely trim down south.

I had nothing to do, so I was sipping coffee, (still naked), on the couch. My phone dinged, and I opened a picture from my wife. She was wearing a robe adorned with the name of the local spa. Another ding showed the robe was open, and my cock stirred at the amount of flesh on display. It dinged a third time and revealed her sitting completely naked on the massage table. Her legs were open and her freshly trimmed bush looked spectacular.

I sent her the, emojis, fully intending to finish the job, but when I reached for my cock, but couldn’t help but notice my own tangled scruff. Hmmm. Having been a manscaper since my teens, I decided it was time.

A short while later, I was looking much more presentable, so I re-opened that last text and reached for my cock again. I was getting pretty worked up when she called saying she was on the way home. Knowing her pussy felt way better than my hand, I decided to wait.

When she arrived, though, I found that she had other plans. After I greeted her stunning self with a kiss, she poked out her bottom lip. Hmmm. The preemptive pout could only mean something that was about to cost me money.

“Ummm, Honey, my sister and I were discussing some shopping.” There it is.“Please!” More pouting.

I knew I was going to cave, but I decided to have some fun. I kissed her again and reached for the button on her shorts. When they were at her feet, I reached inside her panties, slipped my finger into her pussy, and found her spongy little G-spot, and went straight to work.

“Oh, baby! Oh, damn! Oh, shit!”

I kept going until she soaked her panties and then I pulled up her shorts. She started to her knees and looked really confused when I stopped her.

“Are you mad at me?”

“Of course not. Go. Have a good time. Be careful.”

She gave me the What’s up with you? look, but let it go when I swatted her bottom and ushered her out the door. Alone with my thoughts (and still naked), I walked around the house just enjoying the freedom. The lingering scent of my wife’s pussy had me more than a little aroused, so I grabbed the coconut oil and a towel. Feeling a little frisky, I decided to try something new.

I went to the bedroom and lay on my back with my ass toward the headboard, then dropped my knees to the sides of my head. I wasn’t quite flexible enough to self-suck, but it was closer than I would’ve thought. I chuckled at the thought of my wife seeing me, but I was on a mission. I stroked and jacked my cock, very much enjoying myself. My thoughts played out a scenario with my wife, and before long, I was getting close.

Where am I going to cum? I stared at the wet purple head and kept stroking. As I approached the point of no return, I thought, Why not? I groaned as my orgasm hit,  and the first rope shot out with perfect aim and landed at the back of my throat. The next couple didn’t have quite the same force but still landed squarely on my tongue. Mimicking something I’d seen my wife do many times, I squeezed at the base and milked myself into my mouth.

I then rearranged myself to a sitting position and swirled the ejaculate around in my mouth. It wasn’t bad, really. It was sticky and, honestly, it had a kind of an erotic flavor. Then I swallowed. Well, that was different. Afterward, I noticed that I could still feel the sticky residue on my lips. I wonder if that’s what it feels like for my wife? I mulled over the new experience, but at least temporarily sated, I spent the afternoon doing a whole lot of nothing.

My wife strolled later carrying a few bags and giggled when she saw I had never dressed.

“Well, how did you spend your naked day, mister?”

Hmmm. Confession time. I told her about my little solo sexcapade, and she seemed rather intrigued. By the time I finished, she was kind of beside herself.

“You really did that? You have to show me!” She dragged me to the bedroom, and I arranged myself as before.

“Oh my God, baby! We have to get you hard! I want to see this!”

“Food first, then we’ll talk.”


Sometime later, we were back in the bedroom. She got naked and sucked me to an erection, then I assumed the position.

“Oh my God, you’re really close to your mouth. Let me try something.” At first, I wasn’t sure what she was up to, but with her tits dangling in my face, she pushed down on the back of my knees, and it became clear. With her first efforts, the tip touched my mouth and she got really excited. “Just a little more.” She pushed harder and, for the first time in my life, I had my dick in my mouth.

It’s really hard to describe the sensation, but I didn’t have long to think about it. She muttered to herself, then started bouncing on the back of my legs. That did something, and now with my wife’s help, an inch or so of my cock was going in and out of my mouth.

She was ecstatic. “How do you feel, baby? Can you keep going?”

I sort of nodded, and we kept at it. It wasn’t long before I could feel an orgasm building. It did feel good, but I couldn’t shake the fact that I was giving myself a blowjob. My cock didn’t care, and I was about to cum. I felt it swell between my lips, then Boom!, I came in my mouth. Holy shit. It felt great to my dick, but a little weird in my mind.

My wife was unaware of my inner dialogue and continued to bounce slowly as I finished. Her breathing was ragged, and I knew she was really excited. I slowly extracted myself, and we did something else that was new: a reverse snowball. She attacked my mouth, and we became a tangle of arms, legs, and genitals as we wrestled on the bed. She wound up on bottom with her arms pinned as I kissed, nibbled, and sucked everything I could reach.

I released her arms and slid down to her juicy hole. Her lips were swollen and wet, and her cute little clit begged for attention. I bathed everything with my tongue and thoroughly enjoyed the sounds she made. With her in such a state, I decided to try one more new thing. I pushed on the back of her knees and stuck my tongue into her butthole.

I thought she was going to lose her mind.

She grabbed the back of my head and swore obscenities as I tongue-fucked her little rosebud. I managed to get my thumb on her clit, and that did it. She screamed my name all the way through her orgasm.

Feeling pretty proud, I snaked my way back up her body. Her chest was heaving, and the strength seemed to have left her. I touched her forehead with mine, nuzzled her cheek, and went to freshen up.

A minute or two later, she came into the bathroom carrying a box labeled “Tantus Suction Cup Dildo Mount” and said, “Since we’re trying new things…” With a wink, she stepped into the shower.

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