Wife Waiting

It was late Friday evening, about 30 minutes before I got off work. It had been a stressful day, and I spent most of it thinking about Paula and how I wanted to fuck her when I got home. My cock had been rock-hard most of the day just from those thoughts of my wife. Wanting to get the ball rolling and make sure she was up for some fun, I called home, and Paula answered the phone in her sexy voice.

I said, “Hello, sexy.”

“Hello, Daddy,” she responded.

“Oh, yeah!” I thought, “It’s on!

I told her that I had been thinking of her all day and how hard I was and that I would be home in about 40 mins. “When I get home,” I told her, “be on our bed with your ass up and your face down, ass facing the door. Have that pussy ready to be fucked.” I knew she’d be self-pleasuring for at least the next half-hour. I absolutely love when she is in a “baby-girl” mood.

“Yes sir,” she assured me. “Your pussy will be ready.”

“Good girl,” I said, and added, “I love you.” Then I hung up the phone.

Finally, the time to leave arrived, so I sent Paula a message saying I would be home in about 10 minutes.

“My ass is up, and waiting for you, sir,” she texted back. “And your pussy is warmed up and ready.”

As I drove home, my cock was getting harder by the moment from thoughts of my wife alone on our bed, her beautiful big ass up in the air, waiting for me to fuck her. And let me tell you, she may be 56, but her ass and her whole body are like those of a 25-year-old. Her long black hair, big tits, and ass are amazing. Her pussy is so tight—and those hips! I like to call her thick, and that’s how I want her.

I pulled into our garage, shut my truck off, closed the garage door, and went inside. It was quiet as I walked in. I made my way upstairs to our bedroom, and, oh my God, what a view! My wife had her ass way up in the air with her face on the bed, and all I could focus on were her juicy ass and already-slick pussy lips.

As I took my pants off, she raised up and said, “I’ve been waiting for you like a good girl, Daddy—and that big cock.”

My cock was like stone. Standing behind Paula, I pushed my cock into her. She was already dripping wet, stretching to the max, and she gasped for air. I pushed my entire length into her tight pussy, grabbed her hips, and started to fuck my wife hard. As I slammed into her, she screamed as loud as I’ve ever heard her.

“Oh God, Daddy, fuck your pussy. Take it, baby! Take my pussy!”

As I fucked her harder, our bed slammed into the wall, and my wife’s sexy ass bounced off my cock with each thrust.

Paula screamed, “You’re going to make me squirt, Daddy,” as she flooded my cock with her pussy juice.

I reached down to grab her hair with two hands and pounded her pussy.

She yelled, “Oh, Daddy, I’m cumming again! FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK MY PUSSY!” as she squirted again.

Normally, I could last longer, but everything was building up. I could feel my balls starting to pulse, and I knew I would cum soon.

I asked, “Who’s pussy do you have, baby?”

She cried out, “It’s your pussy; you own it!”

I felt her body shake as I shouted that I was cumming. With one final thrust, I pushed my cock all the way into my wife’s hot pussy, and shot spurt after spurt of cum deep into her. I could feel my cock pulsing as I emptied my balls.

She moaned. “Yes, baby, fill my pussy up. Cum in your wife, baby.”

We both collapsed onto the bed together. As I slid my cock out of her, loads of cum streamed out. I pulled her close, we kissed passionately, then she smiled and told me her pussy was so sore.

“You fuck me so good,” she told me.

I said, “Good! I want you sore so you know who owns that pussy.”

She said, “Believe me, I know you own it, sir.”

With a smile, I said, “Good girl.”

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