Hot wine connoisseur got banged on a job

The hospitality industry is always the best career choice if you are cock hungry nymphomaniac like our protagonist. Affluent clientele’s house parties are the best places to find good fuck buddies and also earn some money. Today, there’s a house party, and our working girl chooses to wear her favorite skirt and no underwear. It’s easier to get right to the point when you have no panties. She spotted the perfect guy for today’s adventure and offered him some wine. That was the ideal moment to offer him some ass, also. The sexy babe flashes him and plays completely innocent when he asks about her skirt. He can’t drink since he’s the designated driver but will gladly help himself with some wet, hungry pussy. He can’t help himself but grab that tattooed booty and shoves his face in it. Their host sees something is off and asks the girl if everything is fine. She can’t wait for him to leave and give the head to her newest lover boy. It is not an everyday occurrence to find a cock this big and fat. She simply can’t pass the opportunity to fuck a man this big. That’s why she employs her best cock-sucking skills to make him as hard as possible. But she doesn’t want him to cum, not yet. The babe offers him her hungry cunt, and he starts to fuck her doggy style. After a bit, she takes command and goes reverse cowgirl on him. But he wants to suck and kiss her incredible tits, so she turns around. Her big juicy boobies are bouncing all over his face. His hard cock is going in and out between her wet throbbing lips. Her flawless body drives him crazy! He grabs her ass cheeks and squeezes them with both hands, feeling how her cunt reacts to it. The two fuck until both are completely exhausted. Who said that working in the hospitality industry must be boring and hard? No working day is hard if you meet a man who gets hard instantly.






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