My Confession by Charlie Cummings

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It was a wonderfully warm, English summer’s day. The sky was an azure blue, swallows dipped and dived overhead. It had not been a particularly good week and I was looking forward to getting out into nature in some local woods, just a short drive away.

I was between relationships and was missing sexual intimacy and I looked forward to being embraced by the sanctuary of the trees. I packed a few belongings in a trusty rucksack, including binoculars, a camera, a book and a canteen of water. The pang of loneliness was beginning to diminish as I arrived at the car park.

I collected my various belongings and traipsed along the stony ground into the edge of the wood. It felt good. I took a few deep breaths. Already feeling refreshed and invigorated, I ambled along the path, listening to the birds and observing the flowers as I went. There was the inevitable ‘buzz’ of insects in the background which proved, strangely, reassuring. Apart from these sounds and the intermittent bark of a distant dog, it was quiet.

The foliage on the trees was wonderfully green, with the leaves approaching their seasonal fullness and radiance. Alone with my thoughts and the occasional sexual fantasy, I meandered my way deeper into the wood, embracing the solitude and yet, yearning for a companion. There was a glade I was familiar with, and quickening my pace, steered my course along the winding path toward it. I liked it because it was off the beaten track, and passers-by rarely encroached upon it.

I noticed a tree several paces away. Its massive trunk had a hollow at the base that extended upwards and in which I could quite comfortably be seated. I determined this would be my warm cosy nest for the afternoon.

Once settled, I retrieved my book and resumed from where I had left the plot previously. The birds sang. The insects buzzed. The sun shone. The warmth bathed me. With each turn of the page I became drowsy in the pleasant heat of the afternoon. My head dipped, my eyes momentarily closing.

A noise, well, a voice, disturbed me from my slumbers. I was annoyed, if not resentful of the approaching voices. Who were they? Where were they? How many? Please don’t be rowdy, not today of all days.

There was laughter, a woman’s laughter. It must be said, a really sexy laugh which was extremely alluring, as it carried on the summer breeze. A male spoke. The words were indistinct. However, the response was clearly audible from the woman: “Oh, no we mustn’t. We really shouldn’t. Oh, no don’t. We can’t.” A fit of giggling ensued. Admittedly, my annoyance was being quickly surpassed by my intrigue.

The male spoke again. “How about here?”

“Don’t get any ideas,” The woman accompanying him responded. “Oh naughty, naughty—behave! No, really, I mean it, behave!”

The nature of the conversation had my pulse racing. Echoing in my mind was the word behave. Listening to what was unfolding right in the vicinity of where I was seated, I was unsure what, exactly, to do. I mean, is there a protocol in this situation? Should I call out, so they knew I was present? I decided they would be unnecessarily, disturbed and distracted.

I found myself slipping my hand inside my rucksack, grasping, as quietly as possible, the binoculars.

I stopped.

What was I considering? God’s sake man, get a grip!

The woman’s voice interrupted my train of thought.

“Really, I said no. Behave yourself, John!” A few minutes of quiet restored the wood to a hushed silence. Not being able to observe the scene, I sat contemplating what may or may not be said next, even what may or may not happen, trying to resist getting ahead of myself.

Then the woman gave an audible exclamation.

“Take your hand out from under my skirt, John!” The ensuing, sexy laughter was perhaps more of a come on, than the supposed admonishment. “I’m not taking any of my clothes off out here, much less my panties. What are you thinking of?”

Hardly daring to breathe, I found myself leaning and stretching forward so that I was stealthily moving into a prone position on my front. It was a bit of a mystery, but somehow—I plead my innocence—the binoculars had, quite unintentionally, moved with me. I inched forward, slithering and sliding on my stomach.

What seemed like a prolonged silence almost became unbearable. With the residual sounds of the woman’s sexy voice ringing in my mind, I was beginning to think they had vacated the area. I felt quite ashamed at my intense feeling of disappointment.

Then… was it a whisper? Or my imagination? No, there it was again. That oh-so-sexy voice.

“Oh, all right then, on one condition. If I remove mine, you must remove yours, too!”

“You first.” The male voice interjected.

The binoculars were raised. I scanned the area impatiently. The undergrowth was lush and thick, and while concealing me, it was hindering my ability to see and capacity to discern anything. I lurched suddenly, pushing the binoculars against my eye sockets to the point of hurting. My heart missed a beat or three.

Wait, what was that movement? Wow! I thought. Shit! I had really struck gold! There was a young woman. I could see her, quite plainly, standing up, with her back turned towards me. I had to, I simply, had to, work out a way of getting closer to the scenario unfolding before my very eyes.

I moved forward through the undergrowth, seeking the meagre ‘cover’ as I went. I thought the SAS would be proud of my fieldcraft and creeping up on the ‘enemy’. It was easy to focus and to keep my eyes on the target area, ahead of me and slightly to the right. The woman was pulling a summer top up and out of her skirt, dropping it upon the ground where she stood. How did she make the discarding of one item of clothing so damned erotic and outright sexually arousing? The male accompanying her was sitting slightly to one side, looking up at her.

This young woman had the most alluring, sexually enticing figure that I had seen in a long time—all too long. A bird chirped in the tree overhead. Please don’t look my way.

I need not have worried, here was a couple completely immersed in each other, totally fixated, as I was fast becoming.

I was grateful for the adequate concealment the twigs, leaves and various branches were providing, while at the same time, permitting me an uncensored view, unintended and quite unexpected—voyeur that I had become.

The woman now stood astride the young man’s legs. Her hips gyrating, seductively in the skirt, tight at the waist and about halfway down her shapely thighs. Restrained in her lacy bra, her gently bouncing tits were exquisite. I was convinced her ample nipples were already erect.

Continuing to gyrate, the woman slipped her hands behind her back. In a swift deft movement, the zip was down. Sliding her hands down inside the skirt, she slithered out of it.

This young woman would no doubt be aware of the rampant, rigid hard-on the guy sitting before her would surely have. However, what she was totally unaware of was the burgeoning erection I was struggling to contain within the confines of my jockstrap and jogging pants. No easy task, when my throbbing and aching, rapidly swelling man meat wanted release and relief. Moving, stealthily, had become physically awkward. I opted to stay put and watch, enthralled and mesmerised as the scene unfolded before me.

The young man reached for a Smartphone, and a photograph was taken. I glanced at the young woman’s crotch. Wait. Wait. Was I really seeing this? Yes, it only took a second to discern this young woman’s pussy juice, her honey, her syrup was, unmistakably, staining perhaps, more accurately, saturating the front of her panties.

My eyes widened; this young woman was a real panty’s wetter. A fetish of mine. Furthermore, this juice, this nectar was glistening on her upper thighs, oozing from her pussy, potentially, in anticipation of getting resoundingly penetrated, shafted, pummelled and fucked.

My cock jerked and twitched within the confines of my clothing at the mere thought of seeing this delightful, sexually alluring young woman get a good cocking, from the male accompanying her.

How much longer would I be able to restrain myself?

My balls were aching painfully within their tightening sac. With the young nubile, sexually evocative woman continuing to dance and gyrate, the camera clicked away. Turning slowly, she now faced away from the person to whom she had referred to as John. The view of this young woman from behind all but blew my mind. The glorious derriere tightly contained within her flimsy, lacy panties proved to be the proverbial ass ‘to die for’. Since a young age, when first encountering ‘girlie’ magazines, I knew I always was, and will remain a ‘bum man’. Those two smooth, delicious orbs, moulded and rounded to perfect firmness and tightness, with the alluring valley between, are so deliciously and delightfully irresistible.

The young woman, Jayne, reached behind and unclipped her bra. She winked at John and, with a carefree motion flung it in my direction.

My breath hitched.

The moment passed, much to my assurance. Now, both, were giggling.

The Smartphone continued to click away. Slowly uncurling from my ‘hiding’ place, I ventured another peek. It would seem that John too, had begun to disrobe. His fine physique was naked from the waist up. There was a brief embrace, with Jayne’s fulsome boobs, cherry-ripe nipples like champagne corks, pressed against John’s firm pecs. There was a passionate, full-on, tongue kiss. My own rampant hard-on was not becoming any less restrained. Although not old, by any stretch of the imagination, I was, by now, beginning to mourn my absence of youth.

Jayne returned to standing astride John’s legs as he sat, her cute, pantied, exquisite buttocks, gyrating over and above him. The camera clicked away. As I watched, unblinking, terrified I would miss the merest millisecond, Jayne hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. Ever so slowly, ever so sensually and erotically, the upper level of her bum cheeks, came into view.

Given the somewhat painful constraints of my clothing, I untied the laces on my jogging pants.

John, too, was now sliding out of his lower garments but still managed to take images as the camera clicked away. John was totally unabashed about the massive hard-on that was now twitching and jerking at his crotch.

My own cock was aching and throbbing, with its bulbous knob, jutting out obscenely from my trimmed crotch. What was I thinking of? What if I was caught now? Looking down, the pre-cum was dribbling from my pee-hole in liberal and increasing quantity. Was it little wonder with the scenario unfolding before me? I could not resist. It had been too long. I used the pre-cum to lubricate the knob and thick shaft of my cock. I began to slowly rub up and down, freely masturbating.

If John had a generous length, from what I could see, my girth was considerably larger.

Shit! Good God Almighty! Jayne totally removed her flimsy panties, revealing the most gorgeous, magnificent, wonderful, delightful and beautiful derriere it has ever been my good fortune to set eyes upon. Then, to heighten the arousal of John and unbeknownst to her—my own arousal—Jayne reached down, between her legs and began to finger-fuck her gorgeous pussy.
The squishy, squelchy sounds of her slow, sensual and brazen finger-fucking were distinctly, audible from my hiding place. John then proceeded to kneel up, behind Jayne, gripping her upper thighs. He pressed his face in between her bum cheeks and right on, into her pussy. The action of John’s cunnilingus was not exactly discreet. Slurping sounds reached my ears and with my eyes were now out on stalks, attempting to catch every glimpse of the sexual escapades and uninhibited acts of these two individuals in their prime.

Then they both walked slowly over to a tree, a short distance away, affording me the opportunity to kneel to one side of the stump where I had been hiding. With my hand wrapped around my thick shaft, I continued to rub, stroke, toss, jerk, wank and masturbate.

Jayne knelt in front of John, flicking the tip of her tongue along the frenulum under his engorged knob. Then, she slid her lips along his entire length until her mouth was pushed right up against his pubic bone, just short of causing her to gag.

John lifted Jayne, placing his hands on her curvaceous hips and turning her to face the tree. Then moving forward while gently pulling Jayne towards him, the tip of his knob penetrated Jayne’s, saturated, sopping pussy.

Sweat was now clearly visible upon their bodies from the vigorous physical exertions of their uninhibited fucking session. The scene of these two fucking with such abandon, was hypnotic. I found myself subconsciously beating my own dick. My pre-cum dribbled liberally from the pee-hole in the bulbous knob of my cock. It was a close-run thing as to who would cum and climax first. My solo, DIY effort or Jayne and John. Then, Jayne uttered the most delightful, sexy whimper of ecstasy.

“Yes! Yes! YES! Do it! Do it good! Fuck me!” With that, Jayne’s gorgeous buttocks clenched, no doubt her pussy clamping tightly around John’s engorged cock, deep in her succulent wet pussy.

Then, I couldn’t believe my eyes. With an ecstatic yell, I saw Jayne’s pussy squirt and spurt around John’s shaft. He gave a deep guttural moan, then momentarily went rigid.

“I’m going to empty my balls. Ah yes, fuck, I’m cumming!” He roared with his cock buried in Jayne up to the hilt. It was obvious and apparent that his balls had indeed emptied as he ejaculated his spunk into the innermost depths of Jayne’s spasming pussy.

As their respective moaning and groaning diminished, they began to relax.

I continued to not so much as watch but to be completely mesmerised, enthralled and captivated until there was a momentary lapse of concentration on my part. I placed my foot on a rather robust, small but extremely brittle branch. The resounding snap sounded more like a clap of thunder.

“Hey, who’s there?”

Feeling about two inches high and wanting the ground to swallow me up, I hesitated, thinking what do I say? Jayne’s words were, understandably and impatiently, uttered again.

“Hey, who is there? Come out, come out, wherever you are, you little per. . . .!”

Embarrassed, extremely red-faced and awkward, I made my way onto the edge of the glade. All three of us stood, gazing. John and Jayne totally naked—me nude from the waist down with a hard-on that was impossible to conceal.

Initially, Jayne stood silent. Then to my complete surprise, exclaimed: “He does have a rather generous and nice one, doesn’t he John? I mean his cock. I do like it. I mean I really, really like it.” At which she giggled almost uncontrollably. What was it about that giggle that made it so irresistible and so sexually alluring and enticing?

It did not help me—my response was for my cock to twitch and jerk as it jutted out obscenely from my crotch. In the minutes we had been standing there, I had not uttered one, single, solitary word. Then Jayne spoke again: “Oh look, he has become all dribbly. He has pre-cum oozing from the pee-hole in his cock knob!”

I put one arm around my midriff, the other to cover my increasingly reddening face.

“Oh, no. Oh, no,” Jayne said, “don’t be embarrassed. I’m flattered you should have just such a reaction to me. In fact, John, I must confess, standing as he is with such a handsome erection, my pussy is getting all wet again.”

All I could do, was peep between two of my fingers, remaining silent. However, I thought it was about time for me to ‘man-up’ and provide some explanation for my, er, unbridled voyeurism. I lowered my hand and arm.

“Look, I really am most sorry,” I pleaded. “I apologise, and I am genuinely, acutely embarrassed at what you must deem my disgusting, if not untoward behaviour. I have no idea what came over me.”

“No, no,” Jayne uttered, “I don’t mind, really, I don’t. The truth is that John and I go out, some days, in the hope that we might, actually, get caught in the act; you know having a really good fucking session.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, why not. It’s only nature, after all, isn’t it? We are all adults.”

Looking down, I must admit, I was surprised to see I was still sporting a truly decent erection. It could not have been anything other than acutely apparent to Jayne that I found her extremely attractive and exceptionally arousing. Almost, as if reading my mind, Jayne spoke.

“Shall we John? He does seem rather nice and genuine. A decent guy, well, perhaps indecent at the moment but in the best possible way.”

At which there was, mutual laughter, from all three of us.

“Look, erm, what is your name?”

“Yes, sorry, I should have introduced myself, I’m Mark.”

Moving a tad closer toward me, Jayne’s naked, physical beauty was undeniable. Jayne looked at John before speaking. “Is it okay, then John?”

John, seemingly a man of few words, simply nodded back in approval. I was rapidly warming to John.

Jayne took the lead and I had never heard my name expressed so sexily. “Well, Mark, what you can do, if you would like, is to pay a full tribute to me. I do very much like to see a cock spunking off, especially if it is one getting off over me. To confirm, no ‘hands on’ and no, actual penetrating or fucking.”

I simply responded, “Respected and understood.”

Winking at John, Jayne said, “but you can cum on me Mark.”

It’s a wonder I didn’t ejaculate my load, there and then.

“Come on, Mark, don’t be shy. By now, you must really be wanting to get yourself off, have some relief and to cum, yes?”

I meekly nodded. Commencing a little awkwardly, I said, “Would you mind Jayne, if you were to turn away, bend over, in front of me, reach back between your legs and to, well you know…”

Jayne, seductively licking her lips, interjected, “No I don’t know, Mark. Please tell me, what do you want me to do?

I continued, shyly, “Well, to finger-fuck yourself, while I watch?” Waiting for some kind of retort or admonishment for my brazen request, the silky, sexy voice responded.

“Of course, of course I will, Mark.”

And before my very eyes, Jayne slowly turned around and bent over, the camera clicking away. John, briefly, looked my way and asked, “Is that okay, Mark, taking photographs?”

I responded, “Yes, whatever.” I could not tear my eyes away from the view and feminine beauty standing before me, bending over and slipping, sliding her fingers in and around her vaginal lips, then slowly dipping them into her pussy. At the same time, I was wanking, jerking, tossing, stroking and rubbing my cock, to a not-dissimilar slow rhythm. After several minutes of lingering in this ecstasy, as the camera, held in John’s hands, clicked away, Jayne picked up the pace. Again, I matched her. The squishy, squelchy sounds of Jayne’s fingers in her, once more, sopping and soaking wet pussy and the same sounds of my fist along the shaft of my man-meat, were totally obscene but so completely and utterly arousing.

Then Jayne began moaning. This was a young woman totally, utterly and completely immersed in her self-pleasuring, solely, for my delectation. I could only hope I would do her justice. I, too, momentarily closed my eyes but opened them quickly as I did not want to miss one millisecond of this young woman’s unbridled exhibitionism.

The camera clicked away. To my amazement, three fingers were now immersed in Jayne’s pussy. Sliding in and out, out and in. Looking between Jayne’s gorgeous buttocks, her anal sphincter seemed to be winking at me. I stepped closer but not too close. I did not want to break the boundary of ‘no touching’. As before, a distinctly sexual whimper emitted from Jayne’s throat and through her lips.

“Mark, do you desire me? Are you wanting to cum on me? Are you fantasising about fucking me, I mean, really, really, well and truly fucking me?”

I had to admit and to confess that I was.

Jayne responded, “Naughty, naughty Mark.”

This young woman was driving me wild. Jayne’s fingers were moving faster and faster, almost becoming a blur of intense, vigorous activity. I knew I had to keep the same rhythm. Jayne was determining the pace and degree of heightened sexual arousal, for both of us.

The camera clicked away.

The wetness around Jayne’s fingers, on her pussy and trickling down her thighs was unbelievable. Wet did not even begin to describe the extent of her, absolutely flooded, soaking, sopping and saturated pussy. I had not encountered anything of this quite exceptional nature before.

The camera clicked away.

With the warmth of the sun beginning to wane, Jayne began the most delightful, hypnotic moaning and groaning, on her journey to sexual ecstasy. It was not unlike a symphony. An orchestra rising to a crescendo as the finale of the piece was reached.

The camera clicked away.

As with mirroring Jayne’s physical rhythm and motion I, too, began to moan, my seed my spunk beginning to rise from my ball sac. It had, after all, been far too long since I had immersed myself in this kind of sexual intimacy.

“Oh, Mark, I’m cumming. Imagine, cumming just for you. Would you like that?”

I inched closer, gasping, “That would be special to see your pussy climaxing, just for me.”

“Then watch me, watch me, watch me cum. Ah! Oh! Ah!” Jayne’s fingers were a blur, as was my fist along the length and shaft of my thick cock. Our sounds echoed one another. It was difficult to discern what sound of sexual excitement and ecstasy was originating from whom.

The camera clicked away.

Now I was standing as close as I dared and looking through half-closed eyes, at Jayne’s delicious, gorgeous, totally exposed pussy and buttocks.

“Oh God, yes!” she was screaming, “Yes! Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming! I’m cummming!”

The sight that greeted me was beyond what I could fantasise, much less imagine. Jayne’s pussy squirted and spurted such a volume of pussy juices, syrup, honey and nectar, so powerfully, it splashed against my thighs and out onto the ground around her. Given this sight, I was now beyond the point of no return, with balls tightening and a guttural groan, my jizz, my cum, my man-goo spurted from the expanded pee-hole in the bulbous knob of my cock.

My white jizz splashed across Jayne’s exquisite derriere in long streaks, blobs and globules. I only hoped, in my tribute, I had done her the justice she so rightfully deserved.

The camera clicked away.

With our, respective, ecstasies slowly but surely subsiding we, both, began giggling.

“Did you enjoy what you saw, Mark?” Jayne almost, casually asked. She knew full what she meant.

“That, that sight is something I have never, ever seen before, Jayne—amazing, absolutely amazing. I am, actually, grateful to you and John for allowing me to be privy to it!”

“Well, we thought you would, most certainly, be someone who would fully appreciate it and feeling the wetness of your spunk and jizz all over my bum, I don’t think we were wrong. And Mark,” she continued, “that was quite the respectable tribute, for which I am most grateful. John, did we get some good photographs?”

John simply gave the ‘thumbs up’. A person of few words as ever.

“Oh, Mark, you’ve made me feel quite weak at the knees,” said Jayne as she slowly crouched down. “I’m desperate for a really good pee!” Without further ado, much to my amazement, there was a remarkable hissing sound and in totally uninhibited fashion, there was Jayne expending and evacuating a colossal amount of pee, freely onto the ground before her. I could not tear my eyes away, from the golden stream glistening in the sunlight. The yellow nectar bubbled and gurgled upon the grass, in which it was creating the, quite expansive, puddle.

“Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful relief,” exclaimed Jayne.

A few more photographs were added to the collection as the camera clicked away. Having retrieved my clothes from my ‘hiding’ place and with all of us, now getting dressed, it was John, I am pleased to say, who took the initiative.

“What do you say we keep in touch? There could, how shall I say this, be other opportunities for us? What do you think Jayne?”

“Oh yes, I’m up for another session. Mark is really well-endowed. I would like to see his cock again!”

John turned to me, “And you Mark, what do you think? Would you like that?”

“Yes, why not. Let’s exchange contact details.”

“We can send you some photographs.”

Not believing my good fortune, I responded, “Now that would be a bonus!”

“I’ll tell you what, Mark,” John said, “We’ll text you a cryptic clue next time we have a session in mind and see if you can track us down. Don’t worry the clue won’t be too difficult, we wouldn’t want it to be…” He winked.

As we prepared to make our departure and to go our separate ways, Jayne looked across at me with something loosely grasped in her hand.

“Here Mark. I’d like you to have these as a souvenir.” With that she handed her pretty panties to me. Panties with her more than ample juices, her rich honey, still evident in the crotch. With a cheeky wink and saucy smile. “Don’t forget me, will you Mark?”

“How could I?”

Well, that was eight months ago, now and while a selection of photographs was, most certainly, shared, rather disappointingly, no contact has been made since. Spring is, now, on the horizon and I wonder what might be in store and what it may bring…

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