The Longing

This isn’t a story, just some musing on my part and an invitation to discuss.  I’ve said before that the Lord has given me complete contentment and fulfillment in the single life.  If I remain single all my life, it’s fine.  But sometimes I do get this intense longing to be cherished by a strong, good man.  It’s more than sexual need.  It’s a strangely tender emotion, a yearning to be in the arms and under the protection of someone who will guard and adore me.  And I long to love, comfort, and walk alongside him.  I want to wrap my arms around him and tell him that no matter what, I will be at his side.

This feeling is almost sad to me; it’s as if I’m missing something.  Yet most of the time, I’m content being alone, being unmarried.  Maybe I’m a paradox.  Only the Lord knows.  I trust Him to guide me to the end He has prepared for me.

Do or did any of you experience this kind of dichotomy, content with whatever the Lord wills yet longing at times for a marital relationship that you accept may never come? How do/did you deal with that occasional internal conflict?

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