Me, my stepsister, and her bestie in a perfect love triangle

This weekend, my stepsister Clara has her friend, Molly, over. The girls are up to no good, and I can sense it. I overhear that Clara lies to our mom about what they’re up to. Once I confront my stepsis that I know she lied, the two come clean. The girls want someone to have a threesome with! The two little cunts even have the courage to ask if I knew some guy who’d want to do it with them. I say: ‘I do, actually – me!’ Clara is a bit taken by this, and Molly seems very willing. She convinces my stepsis to go along with the plan. What is she going to do? Risk having me tell our mom she lied to her. Molly proceeds to casually remove her top. I can feel my dick getting hard. Once Clara’s gorgeous tits are out, I finally get to enjoy looking at them. Molly is definitely a bad influence. She takes her bottoms off, and right smack rides my stepsister’s face. I’m shocked, but I don’t back away. Molly’s back looks perfect, with some sexy tan lines cutting across her lower back. My stepsister spreads her ass wide as she eats her pussy and touches her asshole. I jack off like the maniac, watching two naked girls licking their pussies and assholes. Then two naked girls get on all fours and ask me to fuck their pussies! I take turns placing my hard cock between both their pussies, making the girls squirm and move their hips in a grinding fashion. Not a minute passes, and I’m inside my sister’s bestfriend’ pussy in doggy.


Molly loves cock. She’s a natural, and I can feel it. However, spreading this babe’s pussy is just the start. Of course, I enjoy it, but what I love most is the idea of entering my stepsister’s pussy. It’s the prize I’ve wanted for very long. When I finally enter her twat in doggy, it feels good, but not as good as I thought it would. I get what the problem is. While I do like my sister’s ass and pussy having a hard time on my dick, I’d much rather see her face. This is when I kindly ask the girls to turn around. Molly is quick to give me her pussy. This is nice and all, but what I really want is my stepsister’s pussy. I look deep into her eyes as I maneuver my huge staff into her little cunt. Her tiny body doesn’t struggle with my cock anymore. In fact, she’s starting to enjoy it. The bitch looks back at me with a pair of very dirty eyes. She tells me she wants to watch me fuck Molly and then guides my cock in. I do Molly in cowgirl, but doing Clara in reverse cowgirl, looking at her asshole and her horny face, that’s what makes me explode. I pulled out and came all over their faces. The naked girls harpies laughed, so I guess weíre doing this again. I sure hope so.






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