The couple therapy turns into sneaky squirting fuck

This therapist thought he had seen it all until this couple entered his office. The wife is as hot as it gets and is obviously an insatiable nymphomaniac. The husband complains that she would fuck any man she encounters. Nothing is enough for this fiery slut. While he walks around and talks about her infidelities, his wife wastes no time. The crazy slut flashes the therapist with her perfect ass. The therapist is both shocked and delighted. It’s been a while since he saw butt this nice. The next in line are her tits and cunt. Her bare tits stick provocatively out of her mini dress, inviting the therapist to touch them. He immediately proceeds to finger her tight pussy. She is so horny that she showers him with a squirt in just a few seconds! What an amazing squirting orgasm! Her pussy is so wet, squirting all over him! Then she shows him she wants more and to go to the other room. She immediately offers him her honey-sweet cunt to lick her up while she sucks his stiff cock. Things quickly spiraled out of control when she mounted him and started riding like a pro! The husband was right; this woman is a true slut. But still, her pink pussy is incredibly tight, and her clit is hard with arousal. The therapist needs a pause or will cum. That’s why he takes a break to finger her and make her squirt again. While the husband sits in the other room, the therapist makes the wife cum over and over again. His huge cock is going in and out of her squirting cunt balls deep. The magic moment finally arrived, and the two enjoyed a strong simultaneous orgasm. Her cunt hasn’t felt a load of cum this big in a while. The therapist certainly won’t ask for payment either this or the next time.






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