Bubble butt blondie teen gets suspended on ropes and fucked raw

Few things excite Kelsey, this wayward blonde, as much as the camera. She loves flaunting her tight little body, walking around in scanty clothes and slowly taking off her clothes a little at a time. While she has practically no tits whatsoever, her pretty face, long legs, and cute butt make up for it in spades. Her top comes off easily enough. That chest is really not that exciting to the cameraman and her male colleague. However, her rainbow thong sits so perfectly on her bubble butt that it’s a shame to peel them off. However, peel them off, Kelsey does, only to reveal her sweet goodies. The girl has one of those meaty young pussies where the outer labia hug each other. Her asshole is a perfectly puckered skin ring with just a little hair growing on it here and there to keep things a tad dirty and interesting. Once the sexy girl spreads her ass cheeks, she almost makes it gape wide open. Now, this is something her guy really likes. It gets him hard, even behind the camera. She turns and faces the lens to spread her slightly hairy pussy. It doesn’t take long before her lover places her in a suspension rack. Two massive belts keep her legs spread and her back very low. He fingers that young pussy driving his fingers deep into her slit. It doesn’t surprise him that the girl is wet as fuck.


However, he immediately has the desire to taste her. So, he gets on his knees and eats her pussy as it’s suspended by the belts. She soon returns the favor. Her dude helps her out of the racks and tells her to kneel down as he did a little while ago. He likes to watch his massive cock disappear inside that empty blonde head. Only a second later, he lifts her by the elbows and puts her in the rack again. As soon as he can, he places his dick inside the naked girl with a mad desire to open that little pussy as wide as possible. Once the girl turns around, he fixes the belts on her knees, makes her arch her back, and stuffs his dick deep inside. The naked girl screams as she cums in this awkward position. While in reverse cowgirl, she cums again. The girl pinches her nipples and screams as her body throbs violently. He takes her hand and places her on the couch, only to take her in cowgirl. That pussy might be sore as fuck, but Kelsey is going to try and cum again. She keeps cumming, squirting all over his dick. Before they are done, she gets a total of nine orgasms out. Pressing her clit and riding a thick dick is what gets her off. However, her dude is only flesh and blood. When he feels a big orgasm coming up, he pulls out and cums all over her stomach, chest, and neck. He just can’t wait to fuck her again.






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