Hot working plumber girl paid in full

When our guy noticed issues with the plumbing and decided to call a plumber, he definitely didn’t anticipate an actual sex bomb showing up in tight overalls and a cropped shirt, and obviously without a bra. Is this girl a real plumber? He can’t believe what he’s seeing as she unbuttons the overalls and lies down to work on the pipe. Watching her tits through a hole in disbelief, he can’t stop himself and suddenly cums. She asks what’s going on, and he denies that he just jerked off watching her tits, but she knows what exactly had happened and doesn’t mind at all. Actually, she is more than eager for a good bang and willing to accept his huge prick instead of payment. Luckily, he has no trouble getting hard again in a second and immediately tears her jeans and slides his hard cock into her wet, pink pussy from behind. However, she swiftly removes her clothes, perches herself on the kitchen counter, and spreads her slender legs. He starts to pound her sexy cunt like a man possessed, and that’s precisely what our girl wants; she meets every thrust with a synchronized movement. She stops to tease him a bit with her tongue, and in no time, he feels that he’ll blow his load into her divine mouth, so they go back to the good old fucking. The slut starts to ride his stiff, aching cock like there is no tomorrow. Our working girl is growing hornier every second. The babe loves the feeling of his giant dick as it fills her tight cunt. There is only one more thing she wants to do: to eat a big mouthful of his cum. He shoots his nourishing juice into her mouth, and she swallows it greedily. What a start to a working day!






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