Before college she seduces her hung neighbor to lose her virginity

Going over to her neighbor to charge her phone was just an excuse for the gorgeous Lucky Anne to see him before going to college. As the two chat about what she plans on doing she reveals to him that she’s still a virgin. Since she’ll be leaving and having tons of parties with boys who are aching to pound her, she wants to lose her virginity to someone she knows. Teen babe jumps on the counter and slowly crawls towards him, but unfortunately, her father calls him at that very moment. Whilst he talks to her father Lucky rushes to his bedroom and strips into her erotic lingerie excitedly. The moment he walks in and sees her he gets onto the bed and bends her over to have a taste of her snatch. Fondling her juicy ass and licking her got him harder than ever and ready to pound her, but instead of shoving himself instantly, he lets her suck him off to practice her blowjob skills. She does so with pure joy in her eyes and after slobbering on it and covering it with her spit she begs him to thrust in her from behind. Although she’s tight at first, within a few pumps she’s stretched out enough for every inch of his huge dick to penetrate her innocent virgin pussy. Once she’s gotten a hang of it she tries riding him for the first time. As she crawls on top and begins to bounce she’s unable to muffle her loud moans. She has an amazing big bubble ass and she twerks it riding his dick. It doesn’t take long for her to have an orgasm from the deep and intense thrusts. Despite cumming so early, she lets him use her body and he continues grabbing onto her bubble butt and plowing before surprising her with a creampie.






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