Tall brunette stunner loves getting creampied by her masseur

What better way to spend a day off than by having a nice little erotic massage? Of course, Fiona knows a masseur who can give it to her and provide a happy end. Her silky white skin, long legs, and dreamy eyes look into the distance as an elegant little see-through nightgown twirls around her body. She loses the dress and reveals the smallest g-string on the finest ass anyone’s ever seen. As a tall girl, she has those long and squishy ass cheeks. She loses even that and gets completely naked on the massage table. The guy takes his work very seriously. He pours his warm oil all over her flawless naked body and then on her ass cheeks. Her tiny sphincter jumps a bit as the oil touches it. Fiona’s ass is very sensitive. Imagine how hot she feels when her masseur buries his strong fingers between her legs. The naked girl just can’t get enough. So, she turns and hands him over her breasts and completely shaved pussy. Needless to say, he runs his strong fingers down her mons pubis and makes her hips twirl with excitement. One second later, as he’s reaching across the table, the naked girl pulls out his cock and puts it into her mouth. She gags on that masseur-cock as deep as she can. It completely disappears inside her throat as her eyes roll back and her gag reflex is triggered. This doesn’t stop her – nothing does! She looks up at her guy through those half-opened blue eyes, and he just goes batshit crazy. He eats that perfect pussy for a short while and then penetrates her in missionary.


Her sweet pussy opens and keeps opening up until it seems like it’s going to burst. Of course, it doesn’t. Fiona cums so hard she briefly forgets what planet she’s on. She takes a breather as her masseur gets ready for act number two. His plan is to fuck her in reverse cowgirl because he loves looking at girls’ backs as he plows their pussies. Sure enough, he gets exactly what he’s out for. Fiona’s long brunette hair waves around his face as he catches glimpses of her strong back and fucks her pussy. The site is amazing. Fiona is a really hard worker. She pounds her pelvis down on his dick like a machine, milking him with her cum hungry cunt. The dude gives it his best shot, but after a short while he’s cock erupts with cum. He fills that pussy like it was his last. There is so much sperm in her body than it starts leaking out of her vagina. Fiona feels so proud of herself right now. The dude is tired, but his dick isn’t. This flexible babe turns around and rides him like a good cowgirl would, making him cum in her pussy one more time. She’s amazed that his cock won’t go down, so she keeps jumping on it with a vengeance. Another juicy creampie for her pussy! After filling her up a few more times, he pulls out and makes the naked girl kneel down. She opens wide as he cums all over her face and even makes her swallow some. But the pair still keeps on going! Talk about a happy ending!






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