Theater schoolgirls satisfy their lesbian needs

After auditioning for Romeo and Juliet, the sweet schoolgirls Breezy and Melanie are ecstatic to find out they’ve got the roles. The girls hurry back home to check on their outfits and decide to practice before the big day comes. Soon the kissing scene comes into play and Melanie sensually kisses the adorable blonde. As the two teen girls stare into each other’s eyes their lesbian cravings kick in and instead of continuing to practice they decide to satisfy their needs. The make-out session quickly gets spicy as the girls begin to strip and fondle their beautiful bodies with joy. As the brunette cutie arches her back Breezy eagerly shoves her face in between her cheeks to get a good taste of her tight snatch. It doesn’t take long for her to start moaning, so to spice things up the blondie puts on a thick strapon and spreads Melanie’s legs wide. After pummeling her passionately in missionary she takes the sex toy off and sits on her face joyfully. Feeling her friend’s tongue tenderly fondle her twat gets her in the mood to 69, so she swiftly switches positions. Nothing better than two naked girls licking their young pussies in a 69! Once they’ve gotten soaking wet the cuties spread their legs and slowly crawl toward one another to scissor. The feeling of their wet pussies grinding makes them moan uncontrollably and soon they both have a strong shivering orgasm. Although the girls came, they’re still full of lustful thoughts and are aching to continue with the fun so Melanie grabs the strap on and bends the blonde hottie over. As she begins thrusting deep inside of her from behind she sees her insides tighten and starts plowing her harder than ever before. The two beautiful lesbian schoolgirls don’t stop eating each other out and stretching out their sweet fannies until they’re fully satisfied and cum again.






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