A Week to Remember: Day One

I have embellished this story a bit for added entertainment, but the crux of it is true.

We’ve been married for over 20 years, and I admit our sex life was in a bit of a rut.

My lovely wife  was still my best friend and all. And we enjoy doing youth ministry together. But sadly, the bedroom was becoming just a place to sleep. Being in my early 50’s, I still have the libido of a 30 year old. And my wife still looks like a bonafide supermodel to me! So it got a bit frustrating to watch our sex life come almost to a halt.

The term “Pung Far” from Star Trek refers to a Vulcan’s time of life when they have an insanely high sex drive! It forces them to find a mate before it kills them. My wife can sometimes tell when “Pung Far” sets in for me.

For whatever reason, there was a week where it seemed as if we entered a time machine back to when we were dating and full of raging hormones! This is how it happened …

One Monday, after a hard day at work, I could see my wife’s car in the driveway, but she did not answer when I announced my arrival. After looking around for a bit, unsuccessfully, I finally wandered up to our bedroom.

Fortunately, the boys were not home that week. So when I opened the bedroom door and was greeted by the sight of my wife in my favorite slutty mesh black lingerie, sprawled seductively on the bed, I almost yelped in shock and joy!

She said nothing but glared at me with the most seductive, horny eyes I have ever seen. I quickly made my way over to our bed. Before I could tear off my clothes and dive straight into bed, she held her hand out to stop me, leaving me standing there almost quivering in anticipation.

She then commenced to rub my already raging hard cock through my jeans with her left hand while keeping me in place with the right. Still without saying a word, she continued to rub my painfully hard rod with her left hand then moved her right underneath to cup my balls while also licking her big sexy lips.

I could have passed out from the excitement. I stood there in total disbelief of what was transpiring before my eyes and on my cock.

The next thing she did was to slowly unzip my jeans while still lovingly caressing my now extremely tight balls. She looked surprised at how much bigger I appeared than normal as my quivering cock sprung very quickly from my jeans sans underwear. I had decided to try going “Commando” that week, fortunately!

Her first words were, “Well, it looks like you have a little problem here, mister. We might just have to do something about that!”

Before I could say a word, she leaned over the edge of the bed and swallowed my entire throbbing cock in one fell swoop! She then gave me a blow job beyond my wildest dreams!!  Not only was her mouth extra juicy, but her hands were busy stroking my long shaft and gripping my aching balls.

She moaned as if she was enjoying this more than me, and when she would pull off my rod briefly for air, she would quickly say a few words like, “I have been craving that throbbing cock all day,” and, “I have been playing with myself all day in anticipation of that beautiful cock.”

Before I could explode my hot creamy load into her mouth, she quickly spun around on the bed facing away from me. She was bent over with her ass high in the air, revealing the strategically placed opening slit in the back end of that slutty little outfit. My mouth went numb as I craved her pussy now more than ever before. I did not bother getting fully undressed as I raced to her beautifully displayed cunny and plunged my face into that sexy little slit already dripping with warm, sweet pussy juices.

She moaned loudly as my tongue explored her wet chasm, and she reached back to pull my head hard into her wet little cunny. Knowing how much I love eating that little pussy, she let me go as long as I wanted because today was a gift of love to me from my sexy best friend.

I really did not want her to cum with oral alone, so I quickly undressed the rest of the way, pulled off her slutty lingerie, and made her lie on her back. Kissing her ear and licking inside it made her quiver before I slowly wandered to her breasts (which were very perky by now.) I proceeded to suck each one until she grabbed my head, forcing it into her freshly-shaved sex mound! She was also moaning very loudly and talking dirtier than she ever had before!

She would say things like: “Eat my F’ing pussy!” and, “When you are done, slam that raging bull of a cock into it until I beg you to stop! And keep going anyway until I pass out!”

Well, I obeyed her strict orders! I ate that pussy like never before until my jaw and tongue were aching. Gripping my pulsing, purple/red rocket, I guided it toward her pleasure hole. I teased her with my precum-coated cock, rubbing it up and down her slit.

Finally, she screamed, “Just Fuck me already!!! And fuck me hard!!!”

She pushed me back and returned to her “ass in the air” pose, inviting my F-16 to enter her hanger. I did not need to thrust one bit. She rocked into me so hard I almost fell off the bed! I felt like I was riding a bucking bronco at a rodeo!!

She continued to yell, “Fuck me hard. Fuck my wet pussy with that hard cock!”

Before I knew it, we cried out simultaneously as we both orgasmed harder than we ever had before. When I slowed down, thinking we were done, she said, “What do you think you’re doing, mister? I am not done with that cock just yet! I am aiming for three orgasms, not just one or two!!”

Well, as shocked and tired as I was after all that intense romping, I found my second wind. It was like I was 27 years old on our honeymoon. All I could think about was hitting that pussy, and hitting it hard!!!

I pulled out and made her “clean me up” with her sexy mouth before going for round two.

I swear I was an inch or so bigger than before with all that blood forced into my aching cock! It seemed to turn her on all the more! She talked about how big I was! She said she wanted us to make more time for these cock-and-pussy meetings.

For this round, I did not bother with teasing her slit; that ship had sailed. What was on the menu now was good old-fashioned fucking like our lives depended on it! And so we did—for another full ten minutes straight until we actually collapsed after yet another simultaneous eruption. This time she was the one squirting, not me. My load was all gone after that first intense round.

Both completely out of breath, we agreed to take a brief nap before attempting a historic “Round Three.” And Round Three surprisingly was not the end! She had two more left in her, and my poor war-weary cock was asking for the emergency room!!! I assumed that was it for us sexually for a while. But the next day, I discovered how very wrong I was.


To be continued …


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