ASSortment of fun!

I posted once before re: my hopes for more adventure with my wife. This is a work in progress and hopefully still to cum Thought I’d post some of my plans and hopes for the future here!

As I mentioned last time, my wife’s ass is incredible. I know it she knows it, but I want her to know it even more. She stands out from the crowd, which I’ve told her, and she does enjoy the fact that her ass is so delectable and that it gets me going crazy. Sometimes when I masturbate, I imagine slowly, putting my hand under it, juggling it up, and letting it fall—over and over. Just seeing the waves as I play with intoxicates me.

Something I look forward to is lying on my back while she mounts my face and rides it and my tongue. I’ll lick and suck her clit, her folds—and if she wants, further back—while she thrusts and fucks my mouth. What an incredible thought! I imagine my hands cupping her sexy ass while she does this, or perhaps one hand squeezing her tits and the other paying close attention to her ass.

Another thing I imagine while I stroke my cock is me standing up beside the bed and her on her hands and knees on the bed. I imagine her sucking my cock and, while she’s wearing a thong, reaching down and rubbing her ass, jiggling it, squeezing it. I imagine her telling me if she wants to cum and me abiding by however she wants. And then when it’s my turn, I imagine cumming either in her mouth while she sucks my cock and I play with her ass, or her turning around and me fucking her doggy style. The waves of her ass when I fuck her in this position are something that can’t be described.

Whether fucking her from behind or finishing in her mouth while I play with her ass, I want to try and pay extra special attention to the most minute details—every bit of skin, the places where her ass becomes her hips, and then her back—and just take it all in.

Ok. I need to go stroke my cock now while I think about all of this. Anyone else?

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