Jacuzzi Tub Initiation

When my wife and I built our house years ago, we customized certain aspects to have it “our way.”
There were mundane things like extra cabinets, etc., but the two we enjoy the most are upgrades to our master bathroom.  The master shower is along the outer wall, with doors pointing to the main part of the room.  There is a half wall with a partition that faces the built in spa tub in the corner.  One feature I insisted on was the shower doors and partition be totally clear.  The main bathroom has a vaulted ceiling and plenty of light coming in from the skylight and other windows.
I very much enjoy watching my wife’s naked form.  The ambient window light and clear partition and doors make it easy to see her beautiful body while taking her shower.  And the open floor plan enables me to enjoy the vision of her, even if I am busy elsewhere, by watching her reflection in the mirror over our double sink vanity.
The second feature was an upgrade to a larger Jacuzzi spa tub.  The builder’s standard version had a simple oval shaped tub cavity that looked too small for two people to comfortably bathe together.  As we looked at different options with the contractor, it was obvious my wife and I were on the same page and thoroughly contemplating the tub’s future use!  With a little bit of a smile on his face, the builder pointed us to a model with a larger, oval shaped cavity.  It also had another rounded area that expanded the cavity even more, so the tub had plenty of room for two adults—ample space for bathing or relaxing together and, if the mood were right, to play together!  That was obviously the activity we were both considering, and I will say it was one of the best $300 we have ever spent!
We had been married a few years before moving into this house.  Even though we chose the spa tub with lovemaking in mind, we didn’t simply jump in the first time and “get going,” so to speak.  We enjoyed several ‘uneventful’ baths together.  I knew from experience that Janet rarely enjoys being rushed concerning sexual endeavors.  If I became too eager or overly insistent on “playing in the tub” on the first bath together, it might create a poor memory for future situations.  If every shared bath had an expectation of sexual activity associated with the event, my wife would hesitate to bathe together.  Like the almost nightly back massages I give, I make sure she knows that there are no strings attached to my “hands on” favors, so she can relax and enjoy them without worrying that every intimate activity must lead to sex.  I believe that my patience and respect are why, frequently, these events actually do lead to wonderful lovemaking experiences.
So, after several baths together in our new tub, one night the inevitable happened.  My wife decided to take a bubble bath and asked me to join her.  Of course I agreed, and while the water was filling the Jacuzzi, my wife lit some small candles and placed them along the narrow tiled counter that bordered three sides of the built-in tub.  We turned off the bathroom lights and settled into the warm water, and Janet added the bubble bath to the water.
Once the Jacuzzi jets were turned on, the water foamed to perfection.  Soon we had a thick layer of bubbles all around us, and we settled back into the tub, each reclining and facing each other from across the expanse of water. Our legs were extended, and we found a comfortable position in which our lower limbs were loosely entwined.  Lying back in the warm water was nice and relaxing, and we just made small talk about our day.  Of course, we couldn’t resist the temptation to flick the tops of the billows of foam, sending little bits of bubbles into each other’s faces.
As that bit of fun continued off and on, the layer of bubbles began to dissipate.  Soon, I could see a little more of my wife’s ample chest through the thinning foam.  The low light from the candles did wonders to show off the glistening curves of her breasts as they floated partially submerged in the water.  Occasionally  I caught a glimpse of her nipples as she breathed and shifted her position in the tub and wiped her face with a washcloth.
No husband could resist those charms and this opportunity.  I gently began touching the inside of her thigh with my toes.  I started low, nearer her knee, but soon I tentatively worked my way northward, testing the waters, so to speak.  Imagine my exhilaration when I felt Janet’s toes performing the same type of exploration on the inside of my leg.  Before long I was touching her vulva with my big toe, and she brushed my erect organ with hers.  We both felt my penis stir in delight at her touch.
My wife has very flexible and talented toes, and over the years, she has used them to sometimes jump start a lovemaking session.  In this case, even if I tried to reciprocate, I would probably fail miserably as her most sensitive areas were not “warmed up” yet.  There was no point in trying to do more than the situation would allow, so I just kept my toes caressing lightly on her inner thigh and outer labia.  Meanwhile, Janet kept increasing the teasing activity with her toes, caressing expertly along my shaft until I sighed in pleasure.
“Oh, my!” My wife smiled.  “Looks like I’m winning!”
“Yes, you are,” I murmured.
She kept caressing my organ. “It seems you have a problem,” she teased.
“Yes, yes I do.” I admitted, willingly playing along with her pleasurable taunting game.
“Would you like to reward me for my victory?” Janet asked sweetly.
I breathed more heavily  in delight as I groaned, “Yes… Please!”
After a few more seconds of teasing, my wife stopped her foot action and parted her legs.
“Move up here,” she directed.  “I’m ready for my celebration!”
I slid up between her lower limbs.  Of course, I was so excited that I could have plunged in right then, but I wanted my turn to play as well.
“Would you like me to wash your body?” I asked, dizzy with the prospect of enjoying my beautiful gift from God.
“Of course,” Janet replied. “Use the washcloth first.”
I took the cloth, soaped it up, and began using it on her neck and shoulders, eventually making my way down to her  collarbones.  Then I laid the thin washcloth over her ample chest, only able to cover one mound fully.
“Lucky me,” I murmured.  “I’m going to need two of these.”  I covered her left mound the other washcloth.  Then I returned to her right breast and stretched the fabric over its curves.  Once I could see the covered nipple straining against the cloth, I took the edges and moved it back and forth, making sure to slide the fabric across the erect tip.
Janet’s eyes gleamed in arousal as she gurgled, “Aren’t you the creative one!”
I murmured in the positive, then said, “I’ve only just started.”
After brushing the nipple with the cloth, I let the fabric loosen so it would cling to her luscious mound.  Then I performed the same motions on her left side.  Now Janet began sighing with pleasure.
Then I took  hold of each breast.  The thin fabric acted as a nice enhancement to the sensations of my hands as I kneaded and squeezed. Now both breasts could enjoy being kneaded, with the fabric adding a little ‘extra’ to their experience.  Eventually, I took each hardened point between a finger and thumb and gave a tender squeeze.
I was rewarded by my wife’s groan of delight as she relished my creative use of the washcloths.  But if I kept playing with her nipples through the fabric, I knew it might become irritating. Pausing to unveil those two wondrous gifts to my ravenous eyes, I set the cloths aside on the tiled ledge at the back of the tub.
Now I used my bare hands to caress and knead Janet’s slippery mounds, but this time I leaned in and began tasting each wet tip with my tongue.  My wife added her hands to our activity and began playing with my chest as well, while I took turns covering the end of each breast with my mouth, sucking and swirling my tongue over the flesh and erect nipples. The sound of the bubbling water from the jets mixed with our moans and sighs of delight.  It was a very sensual experience, and we simply kept relishing the sights and sounds of our mutual enjoyment.  Soon, we both wanted more.
I let one hand trail down to begin slowly exploring Janet’s lower half, still totally under the water.  After a brief bit of playing down there, Janet raised her hips so that my desired target was now half out of the water.  I took advantage of her offering by sliding my knees forward, slightly under her.  Now her pelvis could stay a little elevated, supported by my thighs, while her shoulders and head were pressed against the curved side of the Jacuzzi tub.  With these movements, water sloshed around, lapping at my wife’s body and adding to my arousal.
To help keep herself stable in this partially-raised position, Janet bent her left leg and braced her heel on a narrow ledge molded on the inside of the tub.  Her right leg was bent with that heel on the very bottom of the shell of the Jacuzzi.  Our exquisite position might not  be comfortable for an extended play session, but in our excited state, we weren’t going to be here very long!
Janet’s vulva was presented willingly and nicely for my enjoyment.  After caressing her luscious, wet thighs and massaging her outer labia, I began teasing my wife’s private crevice with my fingertips.  I caressed the slit until I heard little sounds of delight coming from her lips.  Then I leaned forward so I could reach out with my tongue and taste along the edges of her womanhood.
My wife enthusiastically raised her pelvis a little, inviting me to do more.  I obediently worked forward, until the tip of my tongue was dabbling near her ultrasensitive clit.  Once my wife is so aroused, I can easily send her over the edge with oral play, so I teased veeeery carefully. She really doesn’t prefer having an orgasm without me inside her, so I was amazed she allowed me to give so much oral pleasure thus far. All of me wanted to continue, but I decided to stop before anything “irreversible” happened.
So I abruptly raised up, pausing the attention I was giving her with my mouth.  But before my wife could recover from my oral skills, I took hold of her long, erect nipples between my fingers and thumbs.  A few seconds of light pinches, tweaks, twists and pulls, and Janet was back in low-earth orbit again.  Her wet nipples were so sensitized, my firm toying and teasing really did it for her!  My wife groaned in sensual delight.  “AH–GAH!” was the sound of success I heard coming from her, followed by her audible, raspy panting, all caused by my relentless fingers.
I knew exactly how excited I had made her, so when Janet wailed, “Oh, AH! You need to get IN me!”  I was already moving myself into position between her legs.  I slid into place quickly using one hand for support on the tub.  With my right hand, I took hold of the shaft of my throbbing erection and guided it home.  As soon as the head of my penis fully parted my wife’s inner folds, I firmly pressed my hips forward.
“YES!” I stated emphatically.  Janet wailed anew as I noisily hit bottom with my stiff organ! Her rear was pressed down into the tub, and her shoulders against the side. My beautiful wife had no room to escape as I lovingly impaled her! The sounds and sensations of water sloshing around our meshing bodies was amazing. What I thought was going to be a slow, sensual “first time” became an incredible episode of pure eroticism and intense sex in the tub!
I braced my feet against the opposite wall of the Jacuzzi and began thrusting steadily.  My wife clutched at my arms supporting me, sometimes teasing and flicking my nipples with her fingers and thumbs.  I was totally absorbed by the sight of Janet’s naked body. Her large, wet breasts shifted like flesh-colored balloons in the water.  I enjoyed her touch and was engulfed in the pleasures of feeling her tight, womanly depths. I just kept slowly, steadily, firmly thrusting into her!  Each lunge forward ended with water splashing and a helpless grunt or groan  of  “AH!” ” OH!” or  “UHH!” from me.
My wife responded beautifully to my hips, each time matching my noises with her own votes of approval.  “OH!”   YEAH!”  or  “Oh, BABY!”   It wasn’t long before I was out of my mind with desire, and ready to explode!
“Can you GO?” I frantically pleaded, praying she was close, because my unstoppable tidal wave was coming!
“YEAH, OH YEAH! Honey–FINISH  me!!!”  were the encouraging words from my wife as we careened into the throes of intense physical bliss!  We exploded in our orgasms, holding each other as we released our sexual energy and slowed to a halt.  After a few minutes to calm down, we dried off and made it to bed.
After we slipped under the covers, we snuggled together as we relived our first  “adventure” in the water.  I knew Janet enjoys the slippery feel of coconut oil or soapy water when we make love.  But I had no idea that the Jacuzzi would be such an arousing accessory for her as well.
I was deeply satisfied when my wife said,  “I’m sure glad we decided on this larger tub!”
I agreed wholeheartedly!

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