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Clara and Amber might seem like sweet and shy 18+ schoolgirls, but they’re actually a couple of sluts. Sure, they didn’t always have it easy. The girls are being driven to school by the mom’s friend Clarke, but it turns out he’s the father of the boy who used to bully them. The man plays a joke on Clara but sees she’s not up to it. Amber comes along in her cute pink dress and confirms to Clarke that his son is being a dick to them. The dad says he’s sorry and reassures the girls that he’ll get his son to stop… if they agree to play with his penis in exchange! For the girls it’s a chance to humiliate their bully and also get something for themselves in the process. In a second, these teens get on their knees and try to suck this mature guy’s dick! As soon as that shaft leaps out of Clarke’s pants, the girls see they are in over their heads. Amber does her best to deepthroat it as Clara helps her. He watches the naked girls squirm with ecstasy as he fill their little mouths with his rock hard cock. The tiny girls switch sides several times, and soon enough, that cock is all wet and ready for sex. Like with sucking cock, it’s Amber who goes first. She rides that cock like a good little cowgirl. Clarke soon picks her up and pummels her while standing up. Both petite naked girls take turns riding that dick in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl until the man makes Amber go into doggy. He fucks her for a bit and then feeds her pussy juices to Clara. Amber sees this and wants the same treatment. She learns well how good Clara’s pussy juices taste. The girls scream in unison as he goes from one little pussy to the other. In one of these pussy-to-mouth sessions, the naked girls grab his throbbing cock and blow his load all over their faces. “I promise, my son Tommy will never bother you again if we have more sex,” he says, and both naked girls smile with sticky cum on their faces.






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