While our parents are away I seduce my naughty stepsis

Since my parents have gone out of town, they’ve left me in charge of the house as they know I’m a responsible young man who can keep a promise. Although I’m chill, my stepsister Melanie is always up to something no good so I sneak by her room to hear who she’s talking on the phone with. I’m glad I did because she was planning to organize a Labor Day party at the house while it was empty, and she even reassured her friends over the phone that I would be cool with it. As soon as I rushed into her room she put her phone down and tried to play dumb, but I’d already heard everything important. After telling her that our parents are going to find out about this she begins begging me to keep it a secret between us. Although I don’t like lying, hearing her say that she’ll do anything got my mind thinking of lots of raunchy and taboo requests I can make. Even though she’s my stepsister I can’t deny that Melanie has a beautiful face and a stunning body that I’m aching to pound relentlessly. As I offer to keep my mouth shut for a handjob, she sighs and reluctantly shows me her stunning tits as I lay next to her with my cock already hard. Since I’ve been pent up for some time, feeling her gentle hands stroke my meat made me bust in minutes.


Days later when Labor Day actually came the little slut told me I had to leave until the party was over instead of staying and hanging out with her friends. While I wasn’t too keen on staying anyways, this gives me an opportunity to ask for a blowjob this time if she plans on making me leave, and to my surprise she agrees. Without wasting a second I sit on the couch with my dick out and I watch as the sexy girl gently wraps her soft lips around the tips to taste me. I feel her tongue and her lips caressing my cock and it is amazing! Her fingers play with my balls. Her blowjob slowly gets raunchier and within minutes she begins to deepthroat me with a lustful look in her pretty little eyes. As I start to cum we stare into each other’s eyes and she doesn’t stop sucking, instead, she swallows every drop of jizz I bust into her. After everyone leaves I return only to see her panicking about breaking out mother’s precious vase. I offer to help her but only if we bang, and as if she waited for me to ask her she leads me into her bedroom. Without wasting a second my stepsister strips and slides her shaved pussy onto my cock and begins riding me harder than ever. The feeling of her tight cunt is the best thing I’ve ever felt. The view of her gorgeous body, her pussy, her tummy and her boobies is so hot. Fucking her from behind is even better, because I can enjoy the view of her big ass. We switch positions every few minutes as she’s barely handling the size of my manhood. As I hear her talk dirty and beg for a facial I thrust with all of my strength and make her snatch tighten and clit quiver as she orgasms before pulling out and busting over my cute stepsister’s face.






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