Latina bombshell rides her roommates’ dicks

Big fake tits and a killer ass is what makes Citah stand out amongst the other girls. So much so, in fact, that her new roommates, Jordi and Potro, recognize her immediately from OnlyFans. The boys are very helpful with helping her move her things inside, but Jordi is a bit impatient. He confronts the baby and shows her a nude picture of her he found online. The girl isn’t disturbed by this at all. On the contrary, she points to another picture she thinks is way cooler. She’s naked in it, too. So, of course, the boys take their thick cocks out and ask her to strip. The girl isn’t really up for sex, but she wants to be on good terms with her new roommates. The babe sucks the life out of those cocks. The boys are very proud of their big dicks. She can see as much as she makes them moan with pleasure. This deepthroat queen loves a good face fucking but prefers a cock in her pussy while she sucks. Jordi takes her from the back as Potro’s dick all but disappears inside her face. The boys don’t even ask for permission when they start filming her. She sits down on Potro’s dick, and Jordi puts his dick in her one free hand. Next up, Jordi takes her asshole, and Potro makes her taste herself off of his cock. “Her ass is her second vagina,” Jordi thinks to himself. She hardly skips a beat when Jordi plows her, and his friend slaps her tits. The guys don’t stop there. They impale her in double penetration. The sexy naked girl starts shacking in an orgasm in the new sensations of being fucked in both holes at once. That sweet ass gapes as they flip the girl around and finally pull out and cum on her glasses. As she’s wiping her glasses off with her tongue, Citah realizes that she’ll have fun in this apartment.






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