Sex with me helps the hot blonde forget about her boyfriend

After inviting my buddy and his girlfriend over, I was surprised to see her alone. Nevertheless, I let her in, and we began to chat, but it didn’t take long before she started complaining about how lazy he was. While I know I should have empathy for her since she’s clearly frustrated and stressed, I can’t help but get aroused from seeing her beautiful body in that skin-tight dress she’s wearing. That’s when I offer a naughty solution to her problems, which is to blow off some steam by having fun with me. While that was risky of me to do, I could see she was into me, and within seconds of offering, I saw her eyes light up with lust as she agreed. Without wasting a second, the sexy babe leads me into the bedroom and pushes me onto the bed to begin our affair. The second she sees my huge cock, she drops to her knees and begins to suck on it, and I can tell she hasn’t been pounded in some time by how intensely she’s doing it. Although she can’t get enough of it, her mouth quickly gets exhausted, so she straddles me instead. Whilst riding me passionately, I give her melons a good squeeze, which only makes her bounce harder and moan louder. Placing her hands on my chest, the beautiful naked girl keeps grinding her clit into my pubic bone. Instead of letting her be in control the whole time, I push her aside as she arches her back. The girl has the most beautiful big bubble but I’ve ever seen! Now that I can pummel her from behind, I can shove every inch of myself into her and spank her big booty as well. Despite trying her best not to moan so loudly, once she starts cumming she can’t help but groan uncontrollably. Although she came, I still had loads of energy, so I continued to rail the blonde hottie before busting all over her.






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