The gorgeous Ebony babe shows off her naughty skills on camera

As an extra in porn, my job is to test out the newest models that are trying to make it in the adult entertainment business. Luckily for me, Rose is today’s model, and as soon as she walks into the room, I get mesmerized by her beautiful Ebony body. After she finishes talking, I walk my way over to her, and without hesitating one bit, she drops to her knees and begins blowing me. I watch in awe as she slobbers every inch of my meat, but soon her blowjob turns into passionate deepthroating. Seeing her sucking me off so professionally was enough for me to know that she’ll make it far in the business, but I still have loads of things to test out before I let her go. As I pull out of her mouth and grab her hands, she gladly follows my lead and lets me spread her legs across the bed. The moment I slide my white dick into her warm and slippery black twat, I hear her moans beginning to slip out. After stretching her out sensually, she opens up even more, and soon I’m able to shove my entire dick into her. No matter how hard I’m pounding her, she keeps her eyes on me, which almost pushes me over the edge. In order not to nut, I let her take control and ride me, and to my surprise, she’s amazing. Once her legs give out, I see how well she takes it from behind, and whilst pummeling doing so, I make sure to show my appreciation for her juicy tits by squeezing them. Within minutes of thrusting, I get the naked black girl to orgasm on camera, and while shivering, I pull out and watch as she smiles and takes every drop of my cum on her face.






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