Blonde naked girl fucks her way into a fancy hotel

Khloe is one of those dirty blonde sluts who loves only two things in life – fucking and getting things for free. Today, she’s set her eyes on getting into a fancy hotel’s penthouse suite. The act of breaking in excites her so much that she needs to stroke her little pussy hard. She gets completely naked and jerks off on the perfect white sheets. However, just as she’s about to cum, a guest walks in, carrying his suitcase in hand. Our little sneaky slut hears this and hides in the large locker. The dude soon discovers her and screams out. The minute he threatens to call security, the naked girl straight up offers to fuck him. Naturally, the dude gives in once he feels her naked body on top of him. She sucks him off like a pro, with two hands and the back of her throat. She soon wipes off her tears and gets into doggy. Of course, the dude takes her from the back. She screams out loud. It seems that she hasn’t had a cock this big in a while. Her pussy is wet as fuck as she takes the dick in missionary. She’s even better in reverse cowgirl, as her stranger soon finds out. He soon fills her pussy as hard as he can. Khloe is very proud of herself, but there’s more. The dude isn’t done. He really wants his money’s worth. So, he flips the naked girl around like a rag doll and fucks her in cowgirl. He pumps her as if he never came. She feels her pussy getting swollen, but she won’t back down. She stays until her dude cums again and again. Only when her pussy is dripping with sperm does she pull back and lay on the bed. Great sex for a night in a luxury suite – that’s a great deal in Khloe’s mind.






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