My naughty cheerleading stepsis lets me pound her for helping with homework

Although Chloe is my stepsister, I can’t help but look at her as just another hot cheerleader from school. I try my best to avoid her, but since she’s always busy practicing cheerleading, she oftentimes has issues with homework. Today is no different, and as she begs for me to help her out, I can’t stop fantasizing about what I can get in return. My mind is only focused on her tight pussy, so I offer to do her homework only if she lets me finger her. Although I thought she would decline instantly and call me a creep, to my surprise, my stepsis started to think about the offer. Within seconds of thinking, the little whore agreed, and while I didn’t believe her at first when she slid her panties to the side, I knew she was serious. Since I’m a virgin and know nothing about what I’m doing, I try my best to make her orgasm and listen to her instructions. Within minutes, I feel her insides starting to twitch, and as I look her in the eyes, I see her covering her mouth to muffle her moans. After pushing her over the edge and making her cum she compliments me seductively, which is all the inspiration I need to do my end of the agreement. Days later, my sister is in need of me again, but this time I push things further and ask for a blowjob instead. Without hesitating, the blonde babe drops to her knees and starts sliding off my shorts. The second she saw how hard my cock was, she became mesmerized by it and began sucking on it with passion.


I could tell she’s liking it, but no matter how much I tried not to cum too quickly, her mouth simply felt too good. As I begin cutting, I watch and can’t believe that she’s not pulling it out but instead is keeping it inside and swallowing every drop of jizz I give her. Now I know that she’s enjoying herself as much as me, so the next opportunity I get, I tell her I want to go all the way, to which she agrees happily. As I slide her panties down and watch her reveal her juicy tits to me, I slowly slide my dick into her and listen to her moan with joy. Staring into my stepsister’s beautifully shaved body is enough to make me bust, I switch her to doggy so I can hold it in for longer. While pounding her from behind, I make sure to gently caress her juicy ass, which only makes her beg for me to fuck her harder. My legs begin to get weak, but as soon as I lay beside her, my naked stepsister straddles me and starts riding me in cowgirl with vigorous strength. We bang with passion, and as we switch positions, I hold her by her beautiful blonde hair and pound harder than ever before, pulling out and nutting on her pretty face as she smiles at me seductively.






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