Raunchy brunette hottie fucks her boyfriend’s roommate

Our girl promised her boyfriend and his roommate that she would help them clean the apartment up, but she isn’t actually in the mood to do the cleaning – she’d rather have a good fuck. That’s why she wears tiny shorts and no bra or panties today. Her boyfriend doesn’t seem to notice what she’s up to, but his roommate does. She caught the sight of him staring at her ass and couldn’t wait for him to initiate some action since it was apparent that his prick was about to burst out of his pants. While her boyfriend talked on the phone, the sexy babe started to choke on his roommate’s colossal cock – probably the biggest one she had ever seen. He is dizzy with pleasure, and they go to the kitchen for a proper bang. Here he is, face inches away from the most beautiful pussy in the world! He puts her on the table and starts to drill her hot, wet pussy as though his life depends on it. After that, he lifts her and starts to slide her up and down his throbbing dick while the girl is on the brink of orgasm. She then starts to ride him in the cowgirl style, slamming her pussy hard down and making her boobies bounce. She is ready to cum all over his dick but the two have to hide behind the table since the boyfriend entered the kitchen to clean the mess. While he mops the floor, his horny roommate pounds his girlfriend unmercifully in the doggy style. He is so excited that he almost shoots his load, but they decide to move to the bathroom to finish what they started. He manages to gain control of his excitement and continues to fuck her like a machine, making her groan with pleasure. The hot girl takes control and starts to ride him in reverse cowgirl style until she cums. While they watch her boyfriend in the mirror, the roommate fills the girl’s cunny with a massive load of cum.






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