Slutty redhead and his game of playing husband and wife goes a bit too far

Danny is an ambitious young guy. Today, he has a major investor coming over to his home. He’s single, but he knows that he’ll make a better impression if he’s married. So, he does what any ambitious guy would do. He calls up an escort babe to act as his wifey. Who better than Scarlett? She’s a greedy, busty, redhead slut. In other words, she’s perfect for the job, or so it seems. He gives her the money and tells her how she has to act, but the redhead babe doesn’t want to cooperate. She wants more cash and starts striping. As he covers her up, his investor and his wife arrive. The investor is a serious businessman. He talks seriously and slowly. However, as he’s talking to Danny, Scarlett is taking her clothes off and touching herself in the back of the room. Danny is so distracted by this very much. So much, in fact, that he starts to jerk his huge cock. Even with all these complications, our guy still managed to persuade the investor to sign the contract. To celebrate, the redhead slut does what she does best. She treats her client Danny with a massive blowjob. She’s surprised at how big his cock is. Even though she struggles with it, Scarlett takes it from the back and then rides Danny like the good cowgirl that she is. Her amazing big tits bouncing up and down in front of his face. She works that big white ass down on her guy’s cock bit by bit until the whole thing just disappears. Her pussy is so stretched out, and Danny knows it. This is why he plows her hard in missionary. Everything on her is red, even her pussy hair. Danny really wants to bust a huge nut on that fine pussy, and so he does. He pulls out and makes a loud cry. Needless to say, he’ll be paying for her services in the future.






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