Dirty blonde skater girl gets picked up and fucked by a lucky guy

I used to be a real marine, but I left that life behind a long time ago. Currently, I work in a venue near the famous Santa Monica beach. A lot of surfer and skater dudes hang out at the place. It’s not really my scene, but I meet and talk to a lot of crazy young guys and gals, like this cute skater girl I met earlier. Her name is Leila. She’s one of those petite, dirty blondes with no sense of shame about her body and sex. As I’m driving to work today, I see her hitching a ride, her skateboard in her hand, as always. I have some time before work today, so I take her to the beach. She’s always a bit frisky around me, but today, even more so. She flashes her tits to me and later even her tiny pussy. It’s much smaller than I thought it would be, all nice and shaved. It looked very inviting in that moist morning sand. My skin puckered when I imagined what that young pussy must felt like around my dick. The sexy 18 years old girl sucks me off in the car, and then I suggest we go to my work. The minute we reach the venue, I take her to the staircase. She enters and tells me, “I know you want to fuck me.“ In a way, she’s right, but I’m not the desperate one. She is. The teen babe gets down on her knees to suck my cock some more.


Unlike in the car, where she just got a taste, here it was different. She really gags on my shaft like a hungry little cock slut. I jam my cock inside her throat and make her swirl her tongue around as she’s struggling to control her gag reflex. Later, we move to the staircase. I sit down, and the naked girl immediately straddles me. She takes a hot seat on my dick, and her pussy just feels amazing. I can’t remember the last time I fucked a pussy this tight. She really knows how to ride a big cock such as mine. My little skater girl sucks that dick every time I take it out of her. I then take her to a room we rent for the company when we have guests over. I throw her cute little ass on the bed, eat her out, and then fuck her in missionary. She gets on top again and rides me in proper cowgirl. Her juicy pussy lips are sliding up and down my rod. She reverses to show me she can do reverse cowgirl on the bed as well. The site of her asshole really amazes me, and I feel myself getting close. I pull out and make her get on the ground. The naked girl kneels and opens wide like a good girl is supposed to. It only takes a couple of strokes from me to cover her pretty face in white hot cum. Something about Leila’s smiling face tells me that we’ll be doing this again very soon.






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