Naked girl fucks her stepdad to get her car out of impound

I’m a nice guy in my mid-forties. My ex-wife just called me and told me what my stepdaughter has been up to in the past couple of days. This teen is just slipping out into her twenties and is already knee-deep in shit. Her car got impounded and toed. Her boyfriend dumped her ass, and now she has nowhere to go. Of course, I let her stay at my place. I do set some ground rules. I don’t like freeloaders or slackers in my life. I find her well past 10 o’clock in the morning on her phone, lying around. This isn’t how things are in my house, but she has a different idea. Namely, this teen whore offers me a blowjob in return for a roof over her head and her car back! I reluctantly agree, but more out of pity than a lust for her young pussy. However, there definitely was some lust involved. Quite frankly, the way she sucks me off and swallows my cum is good enough for me to get her car out of impound. The next day, I hand her the keys and insist she clean my house naked. Of course, the girl agrees. I’m her stepdad. She has to do as she’s told. One minute later, I’m in that late teen ass like crazy. I fuck her pussy, and finger her little asshole as it blinks at me. The little bitch almost makes me cum, but I hold it in. Besides, I promise her I’m going to fuck her all over the house. In the bedroom, I watch as I fuck her in missionary. The little slut doesn’t mind. Hell, she’s fucking me for her car and a place to stay. I plow that pussy from the front and back until I feel like feeding her with some cum again. “Honey, you can stay as long as you like. Stepdad’s house is your house, too,” I smile as she wipes the sperm from her chin.






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