A Birthday Gift of Pics and GIFs

Hi, girls. For Guy’s birthday, I came up with an interesting idea for a gift. Seductively sensual, digital photos and GIFs, which he could keep on his phone (in a secure folder, of course!).

These are not vulgar, demeaning, “spread-eagle” pictures that I hate. No, these are artistic pictures that my college friend specializes in: boudoir photography, but not only in the usual “posed” position. She’s mastered the art of a kind of “voyeuristic seduction” in her photography.  Cassie calls it “seductive innocence.” It captures a wife in candid and “unintentionally vulnerable” poses. I wish I could post a few to illustrate,  but here are some examples:


I’m sitting on a bench by the large window in his button-up shirt, cleavage exposed, wearing sheer panties. I sip on a cool drink, and my bare legs and feet are featured. With one foot up on the seat, my panties almost reveal my labia. Get the picture?

Or I sit on a white couch, knees together and my bare feet on the cushion with my under-thighs and panties showing. The idea is that he would walk in the room and see me in that position, exciting his senses.

Sometimes, “less is more”, as Cassie explains. But for a more revealing pose, I’m lying nude on my stomach on a canopy bed, highlighting my bare legs and buns. I guarantee an instant erection on your husband from this view.

These are just some of about 60 we kept and loved.


Another unique approach Cassie brings is to produce brief GIFs that are amazing. All focus on exposure to femininity without seeming posed. They can be 3-5 seconds long of teasingly enticing views. A few examples include …

At a dinner table, I’m crossing my legs and skillfully exposing thigh-high stockings and sheer panties. This one drives him wild!

In another one, I’m stooping down to pick up the notepapers I dropped, exposing a front view up-skirt and/or down my blouse. This one is reminiscent of a view he saw of me at a college event.

We also took one of me walking up carpeted stairs, bare legs in a short loose skirt that he couldn’t resist looking up.

All these are strictly private pics and GIFs for his eyes only, tastefully done.

That isn’t to say we exclude ones of us actually making love. We have those too; pictures and videos. But those are for inspiration, either as a spark to get us going, or during sex to enhance our lovemaking. We don’t have to watch other couples, since ours are real and well made. And they inspire our creativity to make new scenarios.

Anyway, I thought this might inspire you wives if you’re looking for a special “gift” for your husband. Let me know what you think.

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