Challenges Can Lead To Blessings


There is some spicy language in this story. (L)

Like many of my MH stories, this post started out as a sex journal entry. So some sentences may be clipped. When I read my journal entry I decided to rework it some for MH. I noticed some alliteration, so I had fun adding more. I hope the rather ridiculous, redundant, and repetitive alliteration will give you a long laugh.

Got up early. Made love this morning. We wondered if the grandkids would interrupt, but they didn’t. Melody’s clitoris was sore from her orgasm with our blue Sensuelle+ bullet vibrator three days ago. She had taken a long time to come during our sex session three days ago so she had gotten a bit sore. The vibe had been on full power. Normally this can lead to a quick climax.  We really like the Sensuelle+!  But for some reason occasionally my wife takes a tremendous amount of time to cum.

Melody was wondering if we should skip PIV sex today—even though we are on a full sex schedule of sex every three days. But I suggested the Doc Johnson iVibe (with the loop) and it worked surprisingly well. She usually cums with the powerful Sensuelle+ vibrator, but on occasion, the less powerful and looped iVibe does the trick. The iVibe is easier for my wife to hold onto because it has a loop handle.

Let me explain: our health issues were a big problem for us during this morning’s sexual activities.

Melody had some back pain and some muscle cramping from fibromyalgia. She had to reposition herself several times, and she expected to not have an orgasm.

During foreplay, I had to switch to Melody’s left side because the arthritis in my left shoulder was acting up. I pumped my penis part of the time as I loved on her nearest nipple. Of course, we kissed and played with each other’s parts too.

After some very pleasant time, I was happily hard. Melody looked down and saw my now raging erection. So she asked if I was ready “…to go into her pretty puuuusssy!” So of course I penetrated her pussy and fondly fucked her. We did this in the creative cuissade position so she could keep the vibrator at her voluptuous vagina vortex… and on her clitoris.

I thought that it was unfortunate that I had to slip out a few times to reharden when my shoulder or neck would start to hurt, or I’d get tangled up in my oxygen tubing. (Yes, I need supplemental oxygen for the strenuous sex we have.) I’d also start up with the distracting heart failure coughing. What a persistent pain that problem is.

When I slipped out to re-harden, each time I orally latched onto my Melody’s ripe raspberry nipples that peaked her precious big boobies. I did this from her left side each time. Her nipples are always like a high-powered inflator for my waning erection. This morning was no exception.

I had to slip out 3-4 times to re-inflate by attaching my mouth to the inflator (her nipples). She was buzzing her clit with the iVibe as I titillated her tits. We had a few laughs about all this during the sex session. It is funny how quickly pain or inconvenience can turn off my erection. So we laughed about it. It is not a hurtful laugh at all. We BOTH are laughing. Yes, it was an inconvenience, but the prolonged sexy stimulation was all really getting my Melody going.  The alternating sucking and tugging of titties and then pounding my penis in her precious pussy was pushing her up the side of Mount Orgasm.  (AKA Mt. O)  

When I went inside her nice natch the third or fourth time, it felt so amazing! By now she had “the look,” and an orgasm was imminent. But mine would cum first. For the last few years, being ferociously fucked and finally filled with my sexy and slippery semen helps my wife up to the peak of pleasure.  Again, today was no exception.

I watched her boobies bounce as we lovingly and enthusiastically made marvelous love. I came and coated her cunt with my messy man-cream. It was one of my looooong smooooth orgasms that feels endless! Then I sat up and gasped for air a bit before I returned to the nipple noogie.

Melody soon was sighing loudly.  (Yes she can sigh loudly.) She came hard as I was working both of her tender tittles with mano & mouth.  Her back arched and she whispered… in a loud whisper, “Im coming!”  She looks so dang delightful when she climaxes or cums.  I’ll go ahead and say that having to return to her nummy nipples several times – then back to my prick-pounding her pulsating pussy – is what led to her surprisingly swift climb up to the sexual summit of Mount O.

In review, the following led to my wife Melody’s powerful and pleasing climax and her having a pleasant PIV orgasm:
1. The Doc Johnson iVibe on the lower setting, buzzing her clitoris
2. Me pounding her pussy multiple times
3. Me having to stop intercourse to re-inflate by sucking, licking, tongue-flicking, massaging, and pinching her sexy nipples

4. My cumming in her cunt and filling her with “her pussy present,” as she calls my creamy cum
5. Me returning to ravage her nice nipples as she buzzed her cute clit.
6. I’ll add that several times I told her how beautiful she is and what a great person she is too. I couldn’t help but specifically compliment her caressing cunt (Kegals), tremendous tantalizing titties, and nummy nipples!

It all really worked out well. I have been thinking about it this evening, and I “came” to realize that the health challenges during this morning’s lovemaking session were a real blessing in disguise.

Tonight I made an inadvertent rhyme when I told Melody,

“Less maybe was more
since your clitoris was sore.”

She laughed. She agreed with me that somehow the challenges helped us along. We both felt very grateful to Heavenly Father for his loving-kindness in getting us together… and we were and are very grateful that my old “penis part” and Melody’s old “pussy parts” can still party pleasingly!

Even with the complications, we had both been sexually sated… but soon afterward we had to hurry and get up, clean up, and get dressed because our grandkids’ parents had gone on vacation, so we were on grandpa and grandma duty. But what a way to begin a busy day!

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