Favorite Time for Sex?

I’ve read a few stories about having morning sex (love it; was happy to engage in it this a.m.), and I’ll admit I enjoy sexual activity at any time. It seems my wife and I get busy most often at night. I’m not sure why, but just seems to end up that way. If my wife goes to bed without wearing a nightshirt or sleepwear, I know she’s looking for some “fun activity” time, and I’m always ready to oblige. Maybe it’s a time when we’re both not doing something else. We’re at the same place, at the same time… and as an added bonus, we both sleep better after having a few orgasms.

The problem with bedtime sex is that we’re both a bit tired. I’m not so tired that I don’t want to participate, but we’ve both been busy doing our daily activities: yardwork, housework, various chores and projects, shopping, visiting/helping friends, participating in hobbies—all the stuff you do that makes up your life.

I celebrated my 70th birthday this year, and though I stay fairly active, I recognize the effects aging has had on my physical abilities. I’m not as strong or limber as I once was. Moving around, bending down, etc., is a lot tougher and is accomplished much slower than in the past. All this explains why I don’t feel I’m most energetic at night. I’m convinced my sexual performance isn’t my best at that time.

To her credit, my wife never complains. She enjoys our intimate time together, and I make sure that she experiences pleasure (orgasms) before we settle for the night.

Morning sex is great, but I awake much earlier than my wife. When I’m feeling frisky, I often curtail my desire, not wanting to disturb her sleep. I can’t say I ever recall her complaining about being awakened for some action, but I do feel I should let her sleep, that I’m “taking advantage” of her, For this reason alone, it’s not my favorite time.

My favorite time is midday. Being retired, we can (sometimes) plan a time to share our pleasure together, providing our attention isn’t required elsewhere. Midday, I’m awake, alert, and have more energy than in the early morning or late at night. I like planning an encounter, getting set up, and selecting any toys I might want to include in our time together to give her maximum pleasure.

I get so much joy from watching my wife respond to my attention. Seeing her nipples become erect, her vaginal lips swelling and parting, her clit enlarging to my touch—it all really gets me going. I like engaging in foreplay; my wife’s learned to respond exuberantly to my touch and to orgasm easily. We often put a towel down, as when she has multiple strong orgasms, she leaks or gushes, which is another tremendous turn-on for me. I’ve been amazed at her stamina, at just how many orgasms she can have and still energetically jump on my member and ride it to yet another climax.

I feel truly blessed that God has given me this beautiful, passionate person as my wife.

So, now you know my favorite time; what’s yours?

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