Hostel manager and her lesbian guest have some great anal fun

It’s a very late Saturday night, and Lulu and her friend are just arriving at a small hostel. The manager, Phoenix, is a curvy blonde MILF that doesn’t mind helping her guests with their luggage. Let’s just say she has a hands-on approach. Just as the girls were settled in, she walked over to their room to see if they had everything they needed. Lo’ and behold, she catches the teen girl masturbating, rubbing her little pussy with her fingers. The woman is stunned because this isn’t some garden variety solo fingering. This girl has a butt plug stuck stretching her asshole, a dildo stuck in her pussy, and a vibrator on her clit. She’s moaning out loud and doesn’t care if anyone hears it. The dorm rules are pretty strict. Phoenix doesn’t like any sex sounds unless they are her own. She grabs Lulu by the mouth and takes her to the other room. What ensues can only be described as pure lesbian anal debauchery. The MILF lesbian throws the naked girl on the sofa and starts playing with her butt plug. The Asian minx moans as she’s spread wide open. Her anus is being stretched in an unusual way. The MILF even tries her own huge dildo on her. She is clearly in charge. She makes the little lesbian eat her asshole while rubbing her own. Lulu’s small fingers get lost inside that huge MILF butt as Phoenix orders her to finger her. The hot naked woman turns around and rubs the girl’s face on her massive clit. It’s as big as a cock, but not as big as the strapon that she soon uses on Lulu’s tiny asshole in doggy. The girl cums multiple times. Phoenix sees this, and she’s pleased. This doesn’t mean Lulu is off the hook. Far from it! Her duties entail eating pussy until the mature cunt cums. The two naked girls keep partying well into the night, and they don’t stop until the sun is up. This is definitely Lulu’s favorite new hostel!






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