Repairing a Broken Marriage

April and Mike had been married for eight years.  They were both 27 now and fighting for a marriage that Mike wanted nothing to do with since April had several hook-ups with a younger guy she worked with at the warehouse.  There were more times than Mike actually knew about.  April had been trying everything, including couples and individual counseling, but nothing was working. Mike was growing farther away from her.

Then the day came when Mike told her he was moving out. She was devastated, but held onto hope when he said, “I don’t plan on divorcing you,” and after a long pause … “yet.” Then he walked out.

She tried to call him, text him, and email him.  He never answered her, but she could tell he was reading her messages.

After a month, the pain of April being beaten up by all the stories of her affairs was fading away.  April just finished her bedtime talk with God, which she’d started doing again in the last couple of weeks.  More importantly, she was listening to Him and didn’t know that it was changing her life.  As she turned off the bed lamp, she got a text, “Goodnight, beautiful.”

She began to cry reading the words that Mike texted her.

The week went by, and the texting became more frequent, often about daily things, just like when they were dating and getting to know each other.

Then Mike asked her out on a date for the following Friday night.  April agreed and went to bed with her heart full and her sexual arousal high.  She slipped her hand up inside her nightgown, grabbing and holding her full tits.  She wondered what Mike’s hands would feel like holding her again. Then she squeezed them hard and moaned, pinching and pulling her tits and nipples up hard.  She arched her back and moaned loudly as her body shook. Then she yanked her gown up and spread her legs wide, her hands moving down and over her hot wet pussy.

As sexual as April was, she was never one to masturbate alone. But tonight she was going to. Tonight she was going to enjoy the pleasure she could give herself.

Crying out as she put one, then two, fingers into her pussy, she thought of her Mike and pictured him fingering her pussy and bringing her such pleasure.  The longer and harder she fingered herself, the closer she got to release.  She added a third finger to her pussy, and her body shook as her pussy tingled and pulsed, her juices shooting out around her fingers and hand. She cried out in pleasure over and over.

On the night of their date, April wore a black, mid-thigh pencil skirt and a tailored white blouse which showed off ample cleavage. She arrived by cab at the restaurant out of town, where Mike was waiting outside, and they hugged. He kissed her cheek as he complemented her stunning looks. He gave her yellow roses with two red ones in the center; that had always represented them since their wedding.

The couple ate, talked, laughed, and had a few glasses of wine like they always did.  The band started playing, and the dance floor was crowded, but Mike stood and took her hand, squeezing it tightly as her led her to the dance floor.

They danced close, but not like before, until April noticed how Mike was staring down her top moreso than looking in her eyes.  She pulled him tight and crushed her tits against him, rubbing her body against him.  She felt his hands caressing down her back and over her ass as the last song ended. He gave her a little squeeze as he slid his hands up her side and rubbed the sides of her tits. Their eyes locked, and they kissed; it was electric for them both.

They walked outside arm in arm. Mike asked whether he should call her a cab, or suggested he could take her home if she wanted without any obligations.  She got on her tippy toes and kissed his cheek while hugging his arm.

“Please take me home,” she whispered.

He open the door to his truck, and she jumped up in.  She felt his eyes on her as the tops of her bare thighs peeked out from under the skirt before he closed the door.

Driving away, Mike patted the seat for her to move closer to him, and he wrapped his arm around her.  Both their hearts were pounding, but April wasn’t going to push anything. She was going to follow Mike’s kead, something she had seldom done in their marriage.

They kissed deeply and lovingly at the door step, then Mike spoke.

“April, I love you, I truly do, and I’ve forgiven myself for how I let your actions make me feel. I’m working on forgiving you.  I had a great time tonight, and I’m not sure what is happening, but I know I don’t want to be alone tonight.  I understand if you want me to go home, though.”

April smiled, unlocked the door, and led him inside.

They pulled each other into a tight embrace as April opened her trembling lips and Mike slid his tongue into her mouth.  April could feel his hard cock pressing, and he was grinding it against her belly as his hands squeezed her ass.

Mike suddenly pulled back. “I’m sorry, I’m scared,” he said.

She took his hand and smiled, then his other hand.  “I love you, Mike. My apologies have been said and mean nothing with out actions.  I trust you, and I am here for you to guide us in our marriage.”

Mike’s eyes teared up.  He held her hand as he led her up the stairs to their bedroom.  There they kissed, and April asked Mike to get a bottle of wine from the kitchen and turn on music, since she had to use the bathroom.

Mike gasped when she came out of the bathroom, her long blond hair pulled up to show off her sexy neck, which he loved to nibble. This always made her melt. She was also wearing a long red satin and lace night gown that was sexy but not to revealing.

He took her in his arms and pulled her tight into his body.  Their hearts pounded as they swayed to the music.  She could feel his hard cock once again poking and rubbing her belly.

The scent of her arousal filled the air for them both to smell.  After a few dances, April asked Mike if he would like to change before bed or stay dressed.  He always slept naked, so he looked at her in shock.

“There are sleeping pants in the bathroom; they match my gown… if you want them.”

Mike went into the bathroom and undressed.  He leaned on the sink, his cock big and throbbing as he tried his best to calm it down.

After several long minutes, he walked out. His cock wasn’t sticking straight out but was hanging thick and long, bouncing with ever step. April’s eyes locked on it as he slid under the covers, and they talked more and finished their wine.  April was starting to slur her words, so Mike turned off the lights and had her lay her head on his chest.

Instantly, he was rock hard again.  Her scent was driving him crazy with love, desire and lust for his wife. Reaching down, he grabbed his cock, and it began jumping. He had to squeeze it off to stop from cumming.

April moaned and looked up when she saw what he was doing. “Please,” she whispered.

Mike pulled the sheet off of him, and April gasped, seeing his big hard cock throbbing in his hand as he squeezed the base of it.  She slid down his body, laid her face on his belly, and opened her mouth.

Mike pulled his cock down, dragging his cock head over her nose and lips until it entered her mouth.

April moaned and closed her mouth around him. Mike suddenly let go, and she jumped as he shot his cum straight into her throat.  Gagging, she pulled off, and he shot several more long ropes of cum all over her beautiful face.

April was in shock as he covered her face. This was something she had hated in the past, but now she found great love and pleasure in it. Taking his cock in her mouth, she sucked him tenderly, savoring every last drop. Then she rubbed his cum all over his face, causing Mike to start apologizing.

“Shhhhh,” she said as she lowered to her knees, pulling her gown down to expose her tight little body and big tits. “Never apologize, baby. I am your wife, lover, best friend, and you have me completely… emotionally, mentally, and physically.”

As Mike pulled her on top of him, she grabbed his cock and slowly guided him into her pussy. She then slid all the way down onto his hardness, filling her completely… emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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