Sexy babe loves doing dirty yoga

What is dirty yoga? It’s a hobby for desperate housewives and naughty coeds. My routine is simple. I walk into the room where all the ladies train, pick one out from those who are practicing, and help her with the exercises. Lindsey really loves me groping her. We’re so close that I actually pulled her bottoms all the way down, revealing her naked ass to the other girls. She just laughs it off like some small joke. Only one other woman sees us, but we don’t care. I’m pretending to help her do the stretch, but I’m actually fingering her pussy. She makes up some BS excuse to her instructor and heads to the back of the room with me. I pull my dick out right smack and fuck the daylight out of her throat. I just know my girl loves my cock because her blue eyes water. She is working her tongue around my cock like crazy, sucking it off hard and wrapping her lips round my balls. Unfortunately, we’re interrupted by the instructor lady. This is when I go to the restroom and call Lindsey up. She’s a cock slave now and follows me blindly. I make her squat on my dick and fuck her all over the dirty restroom floor. Quick to move from grinding to her up and down movements the naked yoga babe is again slamming her pussy up and down on the cock inside her. “Oh god that was such a great orgasm. It’s been so long since I’ve cum like that.” I put my arms around her slim waist and reach up and cup her titties with my hands. I make the girl cum just before we’re interrupted again by some dude from the next-door gym. Lindsey runs away but returns later and makes me cum. I can’t wait to do dirty yoga with my girl again.






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