Something New and Very Blue (L)

This post contains a few instances of strong language (L)

My first story written explicitly for you, MHers, from my own marriage bed.

From the Familiar, Something New and Very Blue

After making love to my languid bride’s inspiring body—engulfing hers with mine while I kissed her all over, beginning with her mouth, salubrious kisses with tangling tongues sucked hard and lips playfully nibbled and pulled; then working on her orgasmic ears, whispering soft, naughty things as my wet-dancing tongue deeply stirred her like a muse,making her cum; then licking and suckling her neck and throat down to her breasts, squeezing the supple, fleshy pillows together to take them both in my mouth and flick my tongue over both nipples at the same time till she began to squirm; working my way down the full length of her body, using my outstretched right arm and hand to fully connect with and stroke her long, luxurious legs while I hungrily nibbled on the skin of her thighs before finally settling my salt-satisfied mouth on her moist and heady sex; breathing in deeply, tasting deeply, and then provoking with my trained tongue and a finger, probing deeply, actively till she loudly squirted, her convulsing legs muffling the sound—after all this… I was hard.

I hoped we would fuck next, doggy-style, the best way for her to cum when I cum. I looked forward to the long arousal of watching my cock penetrating her while playing on her bud with my thumb, fucking her fondly until I was deep enough and she wet enough for me to grab her under her thighs with both hands and change my fucking into pitilessly pulling her sex onto my satisfying cock while I held still until I came.

But she had another idea.

Hot from her orgasms, her voice caught-up in the hoarseness of her pleasure, she commanded, “Stand up next to me.”

Standing up at her side of the bed, I appreciatively, lovingly stroked my erection, squeezing more blood into the tip as I watched her roll onto her side and arrange the pillows for her head to be right at cock-level. Alright! She wants my cum!

My thoughts went wild from the many memories of how good she is, like watching an artist as she lays down the first line of a new drawing, full of anticipation in the emotions from tantalizing things she was about to reveal from the cravings in her soul.

I maneuvered my body close so she could take my cock in her mouth while she rotated her hips toward me and slid her right leg out and to the side, arching her left leg away. This openness invited me to penetrate her sex with a finger—or fingers, as the mood might hit me—which also could include the puckish pleasure of stimulating her bud and maybe even penetrating it if her juices were flowing.

As she began playing me with her practiced excellence, and I roughly filled her sex with my devoted fuck-finger, she suddenly came! Panting out her orgasm onto my cock! The juices are flowing!

I quickly drew from the dew with my devoted finger and rubbed the slickness onto her bud, freeing it to feel the length of my index finger. Then I easily slid my thumb triple-X into her sex. She began to fellate me wantonly toward our mutual goal.

A nascent thought came and suddenly bloomed.

I stopped my left hand’s embedded fingers and reached down with my right hand, placing it on her bobbing head to quell the provocative motions of her mouth and lips. When she quieted herself, I began thrusting slowly with my hips… slowly, slowly fucking her mouth.

She held herself still.

Satisfied that she understood what I wanted, I let go of her head and grabbed onto the headboard to keep myself steady against the odd lean that I had to maintain to keep using my fingers as I fucked my fervent wife a fresh, new way.

My hips moving freely in and out, my fingers delving her depths in rhythm. I filled my privileged eyes with the salacious sights before me. Then, with my mind satisfied that I had fully photographed the memory, I closed my eyes to focus on the new sensations my cock was sending from its venereous nerves.

I used my hips as I would use my hands if I were presenting my cock to her lips, and those same primal-tuned nerves felt her relax. Savory, guttural sounds from her acquiescence to this connection fed the final of my five senses, impelling it to do its part in inciting my pleasure.

I began fucking her with resolve.

She kept herself still for me as I gave her my love, hard and fucking hard, but with compassion for the depth of penetration possible. Nothing remained now but for me to fulfill the desire we had aroused.

Eyes closed, feeling all, and fucking her from the feelings, I balanced myself to fall… balancing, balancing… balancing…    balancing….    I finally fell.

Throwing my head back and grabbing the headboard tighter against the final thrust, I screamed out an absonant hymn of thanksgiving to my God as the first pulse flew from me.

Instantly, her mouth came alive! I immediately pictured the impossible as I heard… and felt… her swallow the first pulse. Oh, my God! Her sex has a tongue!

Then, reflexively stilling my left hand, I opened my eyes to comprehend. Witnessing the sight before me, I realized she had allowed me to fill her mouth and that I had shot my cum straight down her throat! What I felt was her steadily gulping throat!

Closing my eyes to better see this lascivious vision now burned into my brain, I came again – screaming into whimpering. Her tongue crazily buzzed all over my cock, using the slick, un-swallowed cum to keep it wet, to keep it hard.

One. More. Time. I came.

But then, Oh! For the decadence of this connection! I watched through involuted eyes as my precious bride refused to relinquish her rights! She kept my patiently captured, now defenseless cock for herself, selfishly torturing it, relishing the sound of my agony as my pleading penis cried piteously through my mouth for mercy. Suckling it, licking it, and squeezing it, finally flaccid, against the top of her mouth with her tongue, she milked all the wholesome cum out of me, diluting it with her saliva and lubriciously swallowing it down. The exquisitely passing time it took to fulfill her lusts expanded and slowed till there was nothing left for us to do but breathe.


I think it was she who began giggling first.

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