Two hot bullies bang their favorite target in detention

Chloe and Riley have always been the meanest girls in the school and bullied everyone they could. These two little sluts favorite target was Nade, a shy nerd who didn’t even seem to notice what they were doing and considered them friends. Now, the prom is coming, and he decided to ask Chloe to be his prom date! Both girls mock him, so he goes away, sits on his chair, and starts to play with a pussy stroker. The girls notice this and begin to giggle and moan mockingly, so the teacher gets mad and gives them detention. The cherry on the top is that Nade is in charge of detention. The girls continue to mock him and moan, so he once again takes a pussy stroker out of his pocket and starts to masturbate while watching them. But the girls don’t want to miss any fun, and they’re very pleasantly surprised when they see that he actually has a colossal prick. That is why they make him stand up; the schoolgirls both get on their knees and start to lick and suck his throbbing erection while he watches them in disbelief. He is almost ready to shower their faces with his hot cum, and the girls are in the mood for a good facial, but first, he has to probe their pussies with that giant tool. Riley was first to take a ride cowgirl style, and Nade fucked her like a machine while Chloe gently massaged his balls.


Chloe is also very eager for action, and her friend isn’t selfish when it comes to a best friend, so she lets Chloe fuck their boy, now in the reverse cowgirl position, while Riley massages her swollen clit. Both naked girls become so horny that they can’t wait, so the three opt for a different approach – the nerd is now licking and eating Riley’s sweet pussy out, while Chloe gets even hornier by sucking his raging prick. After that, both schoolgirls lay on the desk and spread their pussies so that he could fuck them both intermittently. Two young, 18 years old pussies are wating for him! The naked girls start to lick their tiny nipples to each other! Their hands are stroking each other’s clit! The nerd feels that his time for revenge has come, so when the girls almost cum, he stops and orders them to change their positions. Now Riley has to sit on the table, and Chloe has to make her cum with her skillful tongue while he pounds Chloe’s cunt doggy style. The girls would love to both cum on his cock, but he is in a position to make demands, so they have no choice but to comply. Chloe masterfully fucks her friends’ wet cunny with her tongue and shakes out of arousal while the nerd bangs her pulsating pussy from behind. When he feels that he can’t take it anymore, he demands the naked girls to kneel down, so he can cum all over their faces!






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