Slutty Russian on vacation banged in the van and paid for it

Having loads of money has its perks. I don’t have to work, so I can spend all my time driving around with my friends, looking for girls who are horny enough to hop in our mini-van and fuck us for a few hundred bucks, and don’t complain when I record all that so I can later relieve these sweet memories. Today, we spotted a skinny blonde named Milana, and I immediately knew she would concur with anything we asked for; we just needed to ask politely and offer her money. She was Russian, and she agreed to enter our van and strip for us for five hundred bucks. Both she and my friend stripped naked, and when I saw that he was soft, I offered her more money to make him hard. The cute naked girl started to suck his cock like a slut, and when he got hard, I ordered her to ride him cowgirl style, and she eagerly obliged. She impaled her sweet pussy onto his cock and started grinding her clit hard onto his big cock. The girl has a slim body, nice small breasts and a perfect booty. He made her even hornier by stroking her tiny butthole while she slid up and down his hard tool, so we didn’t even have to offer her more money to continue. After a bit, my friend turned the naked amateur girl on her knees and started to drill her pussy doggy style. She was about to cum very fast, and we couldn’t let that happen so quickly, so he turned her sideways and continued to drill her tiny cunt. I wanted her slippery wet cunny to be prominent in the video, so I instructed them to change their position in the missionary. The naked girl laid down and spread her slender legs, and he continued to drill her bald pussy without mercy. He fucked her Russian cunt deep and hard, until they both climaxed. I felt my prick throbbing since this was the best video I had ever shot, and I couldn’t wait to rewatch it and put it online for everyone to see.






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