Lusty Alexa visits her stepbrother at the college and screws him on the couch

The boys from Alexa’s small town became boring, so she decided to visit her handsome stepbrother Johnny in college and meet and bang as many of his college friends as possible. Upon arriving, she goes to the other room to unpack her stuff, and her stepbrother takes a chance to peek into her phone. He is so astonished to see his step-sister’s nudes that he doesn’t hear her entering the room. Alexa asks what he’s doing, and he has no choice but to confess. The girl drags him to the sofa, starts to strip, and invites him to eat her pussy! He is more than happy to comply and licks and sucks her magic bean with vigor. She didn’t expect him to be so good, and since she doesn’t want to cum yet, she takes his colossal boner into her mouth and gives him a blowjob. The sexy girl sucks his cock and his balls, slobbering all over him. She stops when he is obviously very close to cumming, mounts on his throbbing cock, and goes into full gallop cowgirl style. He grabs her ass with both hands, squeezes her ass cheeks and starts pounding into her so hard and fast, that his balls start slapping against her. They change position soon, so she can stroke her swollen clit while he pounds her slippery love tunnel. It is apparent that she is very hungry for cock, so he gives his best not to fill her with his spunk yet. She tells him she loves to be fucked from behind and mounts on him again, this time reverse cowgirl. Alexa pounds her dripping pussy against his stiff rod until he tells her he wants to fill her with cum, but only in the doggy style. The sexy naked babe positions herself on all four, so he can dip his rod in her pussy. Johnny drills her frantically until he fills her hungry cunny with his hot sperm.






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