Blonde stepsis needs my advice on how to make boys cum

My stepsis Scarlett is as wild as she is naïve. Ever since we were kids, I could talk her into anything. Today, she’s a young 18 years old woman. Her body has changed rapidly. She’s very sexy, frankly speaking. Of course, I’d never let her know what my intentions were. She wants to date Robert. The guy is my friend, and she really wants to impress him. She comes up to me, and straight-up asks me for sexual advice. I tell her the truth. “Guys like ass and tits!” She hears me right but immediately gets the frightened girlie’s reaction. She’s insecure and, well, wants me to check her out. I soon make her take her top off and gawk at her pierced little titties. She wonders if her ass is good enough, so we do the next logical thing. I make her strip and show me that cute little booty. Naturally, I manhandle those little buns “just to make sure” Robert will like them. Scarlett has a few objections, but I make sure she loses them. As my fingers touch her pussy lips, I find them to be wet and sticky. Once I start fingering her pussy, it really doesn’t matter what she’s saying anymore. She cums from just me touching her. So, knowing that I’ve got what I wanted, I let her off the hook. The next day, my stepsister returns and brags about her date with Robert.


She was ready, alright, but not for what Robert threw her way. The dude went straight for her butt. Ok, now I’m really jealous. But I play it cool once more and give her instructions about how to prep for anal. Man, she’s so willing now! I make her gape that pussy and asshole just before giving me a massive blowjob. I can see that she likes my cock, like I knew she would. Just this evening, I hear her entering the house. She’s tiptoeing around our parents’ bedroom and heading straight to my room. Lo’ and behold, she tells me that Robert isn’t interesting to her anymore. They broke up because she now feels she loves me. I tell her that it’s just her body responding to what we did, but she insists. This is when I crack and tell her how I feel. I want her, and I’ve wanted her for some time now. We touch, and she sucks me off again. I love her deep-throat skills. Pretty soon, I enter her tiny pussy in cowgirl. Her young tight pussy feels amazing! Finally, but we don’t stop there. After all, I didn’t train that ass for nothing. Once I plow her in doggy and missionary, she opens her asshole and lets me use it. The head of my hard dick slides into her asshole. It just feels so right to be inside my stepsister’s asshole in cowgirl. So good, in fact, that I fill her asshole up with cum. I love my stepsis, truly.






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