Officer catches and punishes brunette bimbo for shoplifting

With no other alternatives but to confess her crime, Ryan has nowhere to go. She’s a shoplifter, pure and simple. She stuffed her pretty little bra full of socks. The security guy at the mall who caught her, gives her two options. She can either confess what she did or wait for the cops. Disgusted by the second option, she offers the officer a third option. She asks if she can please the dude by dancing for him and letting him perform a strip search on her. He’s reluctant at first because he knows what she’s getting at, but eventually agrees. It’s very obvious that Ryan’s done this before. The sexy girl strips and shakes her ass on his dick, making it hard. The white lace on her lingerie drives the man crazy. He immediately stuffs his dick inside her mouth. The girl does her absolute best to fit it inside her mouth, but she can barely fit it. Not a minute passes by, and he is eating her out and filling her pussy like a maniac. He fucks her in missionary and then doggy right smack on the table. The close-up shot of the doggy from underneath will drive you as mad as it does him. He then sits down and places the naked girl in a hot seat. This bitch is so dirty, she even makes him record as she squats down on that dick. The girl cums, squirts, and moans on that cock. He likes how nonchalant she is about fucking him. By the time she can’t take anymore, the entire floor is wet and slippery with cum. Eventually, he pulls out and sprays his little shopping mall nympho with cum. She likes it all over her titties and face. Mike’s willing to let her off the hook, but just this once.






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