Racy blonde Anya is one dirty auto mechanic

I’m no big car guy, but I think I know what a regular mechanic looks like. My mechanic’s little niece, Anya, doesn’t look like one. Instead, she looks like a photo model. I see her as I walk in, and she immediately gives me a dirty look. Not one second later, and her tongue is in my mouth. Her blue eyes race over my face and my entire body until she reaches my cock. With no defense against her wandering hands, I completely give in. The babe sucks me like a fury. Anya is a delicate lover. Despite the strong way she comes on. Her pink bra and ripped jeans shorts make me even harder as I look down on her. As she sucks me, I get harder and harder. The sexy whore swallows me half erect and fully erect. This is too easy for her. That’s why we lay down on the dirty floor and fuck in reverse cowgirl. Her pink panties look very cute as she moves them to the side. It’s nice and tight inside. It’s safe to say that Anya is no regular mechanic. She’s a vaginal mechanic. She makes this abundantly clear when she gets down on all fours. I plow that little pussy in doggy. Pushing up into her as deep as I can go is the highlight of my day. Even more, this made my year. She eventually stands up, and I chase her and do her from the back against a car hood. My balls slapping hard against her clit. She can’t escape me. My dick will get her anywhere she goes, and she knows it. We’re both so wet from the sex because this body shop is hot. As I pull out, the sexy naked auto mechanic gets down on her knees. Anya gets on her knees and waits for the prize. Sure enough, I gave it to her. I can’t wait for my car to break down again.






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