Accommodate Her

My wife and I have been married for almost twenty years. Recently we’ve had a bit of a renaissance in our bedroom lives. Our intimacy has gone to a place it’s never been to yet, and we are thoroughly enjoying each other.

I recently sent my wife a screenshot of a toy I saw online that looked fun to me—the Accommodator. The picture was of a dildo that strapped to the chin of its wearer, protruding just under the mouth. I thought that a toy like that could pleasure her vaginally while I pleasured her clitorally. She was definitely hesitant at first. 

I ended up buying the toy and surprised her with it a few weeks later. After telling her the package had arrived from the online store, I waited for her to open it; after all, it was a gift for her. 

It was a Sunday afternoon. We’d been to church that morning and afterward lay down to take a nap. I was suddenly pulled out of my slumber by my sweet wife’s voice as she cuddled up to me. “Are you awake yet?” she asked.

It took only a second to realize that my wife was lying next to me completely naked! “I am now,” I responded.

She spun around and pushed up against me making me the big spoon. I reached my hands around her, scooping up a handful of her breast and caressing her nipples softly between my fingers as I kissed the back and sides of her neck.

She changed the angle of her body shifting towards me slightly and throwing her leg over mine, exposing her completely shaved pussy to me. I moved one of my hands down and started to finger my wife using my two middle fingers. She was already wet.

She also reached back, sliding her hand down my boxers and softly stroking my dick and kneading my balls in her soft gentle hands. She whispered to me, “Let’s try the new toy!”

Excitedly, I got up and went to retrieve the still unopened package. As my wife opened the package, several toys emerged; I got free toys with my purchase.

She pulled them out one by one and examined them. A pink rabbit dildo was first, followed by a skin-colored suction cup dildo, then a hot pink blindfold—and finally, the toy of the hour. She took it out of the package and handed it to me. 

My wife moved herself onto the bed so that her legs were spread apart wide and her feet up in the air. Her pussy waited patiently at the edge of the bed for some much needed interaction.

I settled myself on my knees on the floor between her legs and started kissing the insides of her thighs, working my way closer to her already wet punani. Moving my lips sensually, I kissed and licked her mound. Then I shifted my attention fully to her honeypot lips. I love the taste of this woman, I thought to myself as I lapped up her sweet juices. 

Finally, I sat back. It was time.

Taking the new toy, I positioned the straps around my head while placing the dildo on my chin. I looked and felt ridiculous,  but I was too excited to care. I wanted to please my wife. I moved toward her open legs where her wet cunt waited. As I placed the tip of the toy just inside of her lips, a soft moan escaped from her mouth.

I had the best view in the house. Watching this toy spread her lips apart somehow made my dick even more rock hard. I slowly pushed it in a bit farther before pulling it back out. Each time, I pushed it back in a little bit deeper until finally the whole toy was buried deep in her pussy.

Then I was able to focus on eating her sweet clitoris. As my tongue and lips salivated all over her smooth clit, my movements simultaneously thrust the dildo deeper into her wet pussy. I could hear the wet squishy noises of her pussy getting fucked by the toy as I ate her amazingly great tasting clit.

She didn’t last more than two minutes before I felt her body start to tense. I knew she was about to cum. Her moans deepened and she started thrusting hard against my face as her hands grabbed my hair and pulled me in harder toward her pulsating pussy. Her body released a powerful orgasm, and I got a front row seat to the show. 

While she lay catching her breath, I climbed off the ground from my kneeling position and placed myself between my wife’s legs. I stuck my dick into her and felt her body shake. I didn’t waste any time as I started pounding her dripping wet pussy as hard as I could until I finished deep inside of her. My cum must have pulsed into her for 30 seconds.

Afterward, I pulled out and lay beside my wife who was still recovering. In that moment I thought to myself, I fucking love this woman!

P.S. We are both excited to try the other toys in the future.

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