Christmas Morning

Christmas day … best day of the year!

It was cold outside, and it had snowed all night. The house is warm and cozy and quiet. Although our home is full of visiting family, no one is up yet.

I go downstairs to stoke the fire and put on a pot of coffee. After filling two mugs with the fresh brew, I head back upstairs to wake my beautiful wife.

I enter the bedroom and place the coffee on her bed side table, then climb in beside her. She stirs and throws her arm across me.

Slowly she wakes. I kiss her lightly whilst checking her out. Wearing only a lace bra and panties, she looks incredible and makes me hard. I decide to give her an early Christmas gift.

Her large soft breasts draw my hands to them. I love the feel of satin under my fingers as I massage her tits. My wife is moaning and obviously enjoying the wake up call, so I move my hands lower over her tight little belly where I feel the top of her satin panties. My cock is rock hard now.

My hand continues its journey lower still, to cover her mound. I love the feeling of her mound under satin panties. I flick the duvet cover off a little so I can watch as my hands caress her body.  She reaches out and takes my cock.

“Later, my darling,” I tell her, “this morning is for you.”

Sliding my hand over her mound, I can feel her panties getting wetter, clinging to her pussy lips and clit. I switch between stroking her pussy and flicking her clit. She is moaning and gasping, so I know I am doing it right.

I then take her hand and slide it over her pussy. Watching her stroke herself turns me on even more. I want to rip her panties off and thrust my cock inside her. But not now–that can wait. Right now it’s her gift.

I then take her hand, and slip her index finger into her mouth so she can taste her own pussy juice. My hand returns to her panties and moves them to one side so I can feel her pussy. She is so wet. I rub her clit and pussy, quickly licking my finger so I can taste her—then back to her pussy.

I can hear footsteps in the hallway. The kids will rush the room, and I know I need to move fast.

I flick her pussy and clit. I rub and massage her, moving my hand quickly. She’s getting close, I can feel it. As she starts to arch her back, my caress gets harder and faster. She is moaning and writhing and finally… she bucks and comes.

After she’s calmed down, I lean in, kiss her, and say, “Merry Christmas, my love.”


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