Cruise Ship Fun!!

With our 30th anniversary quickly approaching, my wife and I booked a cruise to celebrate and get away for a few days.  Day 6 of our cruise was an “at sea” day.  We were up on deck early to claim our spot in the shade.  We are not bake in the sun all day people.

After about eight hours on deck, my wife looked at me and said, “I think I’m gonna go to the room and take a nap before dinner. You can stay here and listen to the music if you want to.”

I said, “No, I think I’m ready to get out of the heat also.”

We finished our rum punches and headed to our room. After we entered the room, I sat down on the couch and took off my shoes and socks.  I looked up and saw my wife bent over our bed, digging through the bag she had taken on deck for the day.

“Hmmmm?”  I stood up, stripped naked, and approached her from behind, grabbing her hips and rubbing my cock on her shapely ass.  She stood up straight.  I kissed her neck.  She leaned back into me. I brought my hands up and grabbed two hands full of breasts and massaged her nipples through her bathing suit.  She exhaled and reached back with her left hand to rub my dick.

I whispered in her ear, “How about you get naked and let me lick your pussy.”

She excused herself to wash her hands because she spilled her drink on them.  I climbed on the bed with my back against the head board.  She came out of the bathroom and undressed.

After 30 years of marriage, watching her undress is still one of my favorite things in life.  To this day, in our late 50’s, seeing her untanned breasts,  light pink areolas, and dime-sized nipples against her sun kissed body is as good as the first time I saw them all those years ago.  The air conditioning had her nipples standing at attention.

She crawled onto the bed, from the bottom and eased her way up to my cock, where she took me in her mouth and sucked me good. I knew I would not last long, so I pulled her up and slowly kissed her. Continuing to kiss her, I rolled her over and got my knees, then reached down to rub her clit. It was wet, so I knew she was really into it.

She raised up and took my cock in her mouth again, but I moved between her legs and sucked her nipples. Working my way down her stomach to between her legs, I kissed and licked her inner thighs. She was really wet by then. I had a full-on makeout session with her pussy to the point that she started to groan. Wave after wave of orgasm overtook her body. As she loves to be held after an orgasm, I held her tight.

When coming down from her orgasmic high, she will rub my cock to let me know she is ready for more. She rubbed. Instead of finishing the blowjob, she climbed on top of me and guided my cock into her pussy and rode me to orgasm.  It was a hell of a day at sea.

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