Cute History tutor sneakily cheats on her man with his buddy

After finding out that his friend’s girlfriend, Ruby, is the hot history tutor he’s been watching online, he couldn’t help but want to seduce her. As he expresses how much he loves watching her videos, the boyfriend interjects and pulls him away. The buddies chat, but soon enough, the boyfriend has to use the restroom, which leaves the horny guy all alone with his thoughts. Soon enough, he thinks of a raunchy idea of locking him in, so he rushes over to the restroom and sneakily locks him. Ruby tries to help her man, but after seeing his buddy’s bulge, she starts getting kinky ideas as well. They make an excuse to go to the kitchen and call someone for help, but the moment they leave, they begin making out. Soon enough, the naughty brunette drops to her knees and is amazed to see how huge his dick is! The dude’s dick is more than 10 inches! You can see her licking her lips as she holds his huge cock with both hands, examining this amazing tool! She first begins with a blowjob, but within seconds she’s begging for him to thrust as deep as he can into her throat. Once he’s all lubed up from her spit, he lifts her up, and Ruby’s body instinctively starts turning around and bending over. Despite her man still being in the house, the girl can’t resist moaning out loud from joy. To get a better look at her gorgeous face, he switches her into missionary and stares into her eyes as he plows her with all of his strength. Whilst doing so, she makes sure to rub her clit, and within minutes she shivers and has herself a strong orgasm. As he tries to catch his breath, the hottie doesn’t let him rest but instead goes to ride him passionately. His huge cock is going balls deep in and out of her body. The affair she’s having comes to an end after Ruby’s body has multiple orgasms, and he gives her a facial.






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