Fitness coach shows a petite teen babe a 9-orgasm exercise

Venus is a regular fitness freak. She can take pretty much anything her personal trainer throws at her. However, something tells her that today, things will be different. He gives her a new device. He straight up gives her a big pink vibrating dildo. He promises he’ll use it to show her the a multiple orgasm exercise. It’s supposed to help her focus. Ideally, she’ll be able to cum and keep training at the same time. Venus doesn’t feel weird at all. She likes the challenge. Of course, she agrees and slides that dildo deep inside her young cunt. First up, they do a rope exercise. Once the dude turns the notch up and gauges her reaction, the girl drops what she’s doing and starts moaning like crazy. She falls onto the bed and insists that she take her clothes off. He is relentless. He doesn’t stop vibrating that pussy until the girl cums one more time. He just loves how his little fitness chick screams and all her body shakes. Her pussy starts squirting! Next up, he makes her suck his dick while vibrating her. Keep in mind he isn’t an evil man. He turns the machine down a few notches so that the naked girl can show off her blowjob skills. Venus takes advantage of this fact and sucks his soul out through his dick. The dude almost cums but stops short of it.


He rewards the naked girl with a small orgasm. As soon as she’s done shaking from the last one, he lays her on the bed and fills that pussy up with his dick. She can fuck in many positions, but she likes missionary the best. He can guess as much by her loud moans. Her pussy is both big and soft. He loves touching and pulling on her short pussy hairs. He keeps fucking her so hard that fills her pussy up with cum. The little slut plays with it by pulling thick strands of sperm out of her vagina with her fingers. Once he makes her turn around, he keeps plowing her in doggy, slamming hard into her cum filled cunt. Venus loves it but wants to get a chance to fuck him back. So, the dude stops and lets her do it. Next up, he lies down on the bed and tells the naked girl to straddle him. She does as she’s told, like the good little slut that she is. While mounting him, Venus makes sure he feels her butthole. The perfectly puckered pink hole will have to wait. He knows that he has to conquer her pussy first. He keeps flipping her on his cock, moving from side saddle, hot seat to reverse cowgirl. He loses track of how many times she’s cum already. However, he feels like they’re reaching number nine. The minute she climaxes for the ninth time, he pulls out. He stands up and walks around with a hard cock, as if he’s just proved a point. The naked girl gets on her knees, crawls to him, and begs him for cum. A good coach provides within seconds. The exercise is complete, and they can go again!






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