Her Stairway Fantasy

( This is a follow-up from part one.)

Thinking about our B&B night brings a smile to our faces. Two evenings later, with carefully planning, Blue made sure her stairway fantasy would be complete. Here’s how it developed.

Back home, we needed a day to rest and settle in. But the next afternoon, as we reminisce, Blue slyly reminds me that what she fantasized about wasn’t fulfilled yet. So after a light dinner, showers, and phones off, she sets the scene. She put scented candles in the hallway and at the top of the stairs as the only light. Romantic music plays softly from the next room.

I wait at the bottom of the stairs, wearing only a white, button-up shirt, and linen pants. Blue steps into the hallway at the top of the stairs, looking absolutely stunning. She’s wearing a top that ties under her ribs. Her short, loose-fit skirt shows her belly button and gorgeous legs. She wears strappy high heels and a turquoise and gold ankle bracelet I gave her for her birthday.

As Blue moves skillfully down the stairs, her short skirt gives me a nice view. Then as she reaches the last step in front of me, she reaches her arms around my neck. Her breasts push into my chest. We kiss deeply and passionately, and I feel heat run through my body.

Taking me by the hand, Blue leads me up the stairs, the scene of her fantasy. She intentionally stays one step above me, making sure I enjoy the view of her shapely legs. I don’t recognize her new perfume, but it leaves a sensual trail as she moves up the stairs.

Halfway up, she stops, turns around, and says, “Now, take your clothes off… I want you naked.”

It’s her fantasy, so I slowly unbutton my shirt and drop it to the steps. Then I unzip my pants and step out of them, naked, with a full erection.

Blue sits on her step and asks me to take her high heels off. As I do, she makes sure I get a privileged view up her skirt. I gently kiss each foot, bringing a smile to her face in anticipation. Barefoot now, she stands up and unties her top. It gets laid on the railing, and her breasts point at my face, begging to be in my mouth.

She directs my face to her nipples … my hands caress her butt, and I take in the taste of her breasts. I sense her knees getting weak … she sits on her step, embraces my dick, and with hunger in her jade eyes, my gorgeous wife starts sucking me.

I have to steady myself on the railing because I’m ecstatic. Her oral skills always drives me wild! I watch this beautiful woman make love to my throbbing erection, and I marvel at this erotic display of delight.

I struggle to fight off my climax, and finally pull her to her feet and kiss her passionately. She moves her tongue in my mouth, then says, “I need you to do that in my pussy … please, baby?”

She slides her moistened panties off and they float over the banister. I lay her back on the steps, position myself between her thighs, and kiss my way up to her blushing labia. She sighs with approval, then moans as my tongue enters her most intimate prize.

I use every skill to pleasure her with my tongue, feeding on her moans of satisfaction. Blue usually climaxes very quickly, but tonight she begins quivering immediately.  Within a few moments, she erupts and cries out in ecstasy!

Several times she has to adjust her posture to stay on the step, as streams of electricity shoot through her most vulnerable parts. Watching her cum absolutely excites me, and I can’t get enough of her special flavor. I keep going, pushing her deeper into ecstasy.

As she trembles with pleasure,  she pleads, “Guy … get behind me and “f” me hard! Really hard!”.

I turn her around, push her skirt up, just as she wanted me to do at the b&b. Rubbing the had of my dick on her wet pussy, it lubricates it, and inch by inch my rock hard shaft slides smoothly inside her.

We both moan with unbridled pleasure, and she pushes backwards to take every inch. Watching her move her butt, from this beautiful and vulnerable point of view … it’s indescribable! Her breasts dance to the rhythm of our thrusts, and her tight butt feels so good pushing against me.

Blue has nothing on but her short skirt, and her gorgeous body glimmers from the golden candlelight. I visually take in the privileged view of her luscious body, as she submits everything to me .

My mind records every fragrance, every taste, every sensation, and I know she’s as thrilled as I am at our sexual harmony. I fight my climax as long as I can. I don’t want the thrill to stop. To distract the climax that’s building up, I bite my lip. Blue aggressively pushes her gorgeous ass into me, taking me fully inside her, and I know I’m going to explode soon.

In moments, waves shoot through me as my love cream pulses all the way inside her. Blue thrusts against my shaft to take all of it in. Our thrusts slow a bit, but we savor every last moment of pleasure, fulfilling our stair fantasy. Then we both collapse, exhausted but elated.

Later, she tells me how sore she is, and I apologize for getting carried away. But she kisses me and says, “You know me, honey,  I’ll be ready for a repeat tomorrow night. Thank you for giving me my fantasy.”

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