Intriguing Dreams and Intense Pleasures (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and involves anal play (A).

I would like to tell you about a practice my husband and I have developed over the past several months. We have sex in many different ways and positions. The standard penis-in-vagina coupling in almost every position you can think of is a fave. We also love giving and receiving oral sex in different positions. We enjoy this as foreplay, and giving / receiving oral to completion as the main sexual event.

My husband is mainly a ‘one and done’ sexual performer. He can last as long as I need him to. But when he finishes with one massive, intense orgasm, he is completely spent until our next session.

Typically, I am the same way. But I have always been intrigued by women who have multiple orgasms. For a long time, I assumed my body would never respond that way. I’m not complaining; my orgasms have always been wonderful and intense, and I have always felt very satisfied.

And yet, as I read about multi-orgasmic women, I had this niggling thought that maybe it could happen to me. I wanted to spend some time experimenting with how I might achieve this. My husband has been very supportive in this search. He will do anything to please me, as you will read in a moment. I am so grateful for this.

For me the breakthrough came, strangely enough, because of a sexy dream. One morning I woke up very early and was feeling quite horny and turned on. So, as I lay beside my sleeping husband I begin dreaming of different positions and ways that we could have sex as I lightly touched my clitoris. I drifted in and out of light sleep having a very sensuous “fuck-dream!” Later, I told my husband about it, and he agreed that we could experiment with this in real life. And it worked! It took several sessions and some stops and starts, but the following scenario is what has resulted in real life from this fantasy.

I am really turned on by long unhurried sessions of very deep tongue kissing. And I love to ride my husband’s stiff penis in the girl on top, cowgirl position. As I ride him, pumping up and down very slowly, my arms are around his neck firmly holding his mouth to mine in one long unending French kiss. This can go one for 20 or 25 minutes, or even longer.

Sometimes, I am slowly but firmly pumping up and down on his hard cock as we kiss. But other times, I am almost still, barely moving but slowly and firmly clenching my pussy on his hardness, which is something that really builds my pleasure.

I eventually get so turned on and wet that my slick juices are just flowing down his stiff cock as I ride him. I slowly get more and more turned on until I feel a deeper orgasm building deep inside me than I could ever experience without this slow build-up.

I know that if I have my orgasm while I’m riding his penis in this position it would be fantastic and pleasurable. But experience proves that it would be just that one short orgasm—nice, but fairly brief.

So, just as I dreamed in my fantasy, I get up off of him and turn around to straddle his face, while facing his feet. I begin riding his face with deep sexual abandon. Knowing that my pussy is soaking wet and that I am flowing my slick wetness down over his tongue and face is especially exciting to me in my fevered, turned-on state of mind.

There are two versions of how this ends, so I will describe both of them to you.


When I’m really excited and am about to cum, it increases my pleasure to talk hot and sexy.  I can never imagine myself talking this way in any other circumstance. But when I’m deeply turned on and about to cum, I love the feeling of abandoning my emotions to sexual passion. and I express this in talking as hot as I can. So, I begin urging my husband to keep licking and sucking me in very aggressive and explicit language.

I say, “Do you like sucking my hot pussy, baby? Yes, keep licking my hot pussy. It’s wet just for you, baby! Keep licking and sucking my pussy, and don’t you dare stop!”

I keep talking like this and riding his face until I am at the very edge of my climax. Then I pick up the lubed vibrator I have placed beside us on the bed and rub it over my clit as I thrust my hips back and forward, urging my husband to thrust his tongue all the up into my vagina as far as it will go. Soon my orgasm breaks over me in waves of intense pleasure, throbbing clenches that crest and then continued instead of just ending like my normal orgasms.

I don’t know if this is one extra-long orgasm, or a series of 3-4, one after the other, but it feels overwhelming and delicious. Why this is so much better, I am not sure. It may be the extra long build-up, or perhaps it is the position of riding my husband’s mouth with the vibrator on my clit, or maybe it is the abandon I am able to let myself experience. But whatever the cause, I know it is longer and deeper than having an orgasm any other way.


The second way of doing this begins and proceeds exactly the same as version one, but the ending is a little different. I ride my husband cowgirl style, deep kissing for as long as it takes for me to reach that zone where I feel ready to burst sexually. This usually takes quite a while, and I am glad my wonderful husband is so willing and patient to please me this way.

I know when the time has “cum”, so I straddle his face like above and I talk sexy again:

“Do you love sucking my hot pussy, baby?” It’s wet just for you, baby. Please don’t stop!”

Now when I near climax, the vibrator goes into my pussy, rather than on my clit. I have to tip my hips forward and upward to insert the vibe, and that move brings my ass right over my hubby’s mouth.

Pumping the vibrator into my vagina, I say, “Baby, lick my ass while I fuck my pussy. Keep licking me, baby! Do you like licking my ass when I’m turned on? Do you like my hot ass, baby? Don’t you stop. You keep licking my hot ass, honey. Keep licking me until I cum!”

When my husband tongues my ass, it makes my pussy just gush. The vibrator is quite powerful, and it fills my whole pelvis with wonderful feelings. I usually pump it in and out and rub my clit with the fingers of my other hand. Soon my orgasm begins to flow over me like warm water flowing from a pent-up dam.

I beg my husband, “Keep licking me, baby. I’m cumming. Keep going… please don’t stop!”

My climax throbs and pulses until I can hardly stand it. Then finally it slows and fades away, leaving me drained but humming with little aftershocks of pleasure.

As I said, this is what I thought about in a fantasy. Amazingly, it really works for me in real life! My husband and I engage in this as often as we can. It takes a lot of time, so this is not the way we always have sex. But when we do, it gives me incredible pleasure.

You might be asking, how does this end for my husband? Well, I make sure that he is fully rewarded for his loving patience with me. Because he has been erect for so long as, he is absolutely turgid and ready to climax. He also loves licking and tonguing me, vaginally or anally. This keeps him fully erect and excited as I finish my orgasm. I usually turn to give him some more deep tongue kissing and stroke his cock.

When I know he’s close, I move between his legs and suck him firmly and smoothly up and down. Sometimes I roll my lips and tongue around the head of his cock as I stroke the shaft with my hand. Other times, I move my whole mouth up and down over his stiff member. I always remember to lick and tongue the frenulum right under the head of his penis, and I use my thumbs to rub his frenulum as much as I can.

He begins to thrust and groan, and I can tell when he is getting closer. Then I talk to him as I stroke his shaft, telling him that I want him to cum for me and that I am so hungry to taste his warm cum.

This almost takes him over the edge, so now I begin to suck in earnest, not too fast, but firmly and steadily rubbing his shaft with my hand while I bob up and down on the head with my lips and tongue. I play with his balls with my other hand, and can feel when he is about to explode.

As he comes, I will lick and suck extra firmly all over the head and the top several inches of his shaft, concentrating on the frenulum. He bursts into my mouth, and as he cums, I just keep sucking through spurt after spurt, making sure that I don’t let up in pressure or speed. I let his cum flow down over his penis and my stroking fingers, and it really lubricates the shaft during the last 20 or 30 seconds of his orgasm. He adores both feeling and watching this, and I love to do this for my wonderful husband who brings me so much love and pleasure.

Wow! This is an experience that takes us some time, but we both really love it.

My questions to MarriageHeat readers are these:

Have you had fantasies or sexy dreams worked out in real life as well as it did in your fantasy? Please share!
Do you have a favorite way to cum that enhances your orgasms? We would love to hear your thoughts and responses.

Love, Carol and Xavi

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