Maybe a Kink?

One of KingdomMan’s recent posts on his kink for his wife’s feet got me thinking: do I have any kinks? Of course, as time passes, I may discover things about myself that don’t exist right now.  Or I may change my mind about how I view certain things.  This post is about one such thing.

I’ve come to appreciate – and get aroused by! – male balls.  Once I would have died before even looking at a picture of genitals, but through my journey to a pure and positive sexual mindset, I can now fully enjoy the sexual attributes of both men and women.  Balls, for some reason, are just so hot and raw to me.  I don’t know if it’s like a feral kind of attraction or what, but I just love a nice hanging sack.  The thought of touching, licking, and being slapped by my future husband’s balls really makes me hot!

I like the idea of my future husband and I using toys, either together or individually.  I’d love to watch him use a fleshlight or fake pussy or something.  With that, I could sit behind him as he pounds some toy, and I can touch his nuts and buttocks from the rear and get a great view of his swinging balls.  Maybe this is a kink; I’m not sure.  But it sounded good to me! Hopefully there will come the opportunity to try it!

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