Picking up my naughty stepsis from the beach leads to taboo sex

Having to pick up my stepsister Layla from the beach sucks, but what’s even worse is that she brings up my recent breakup. I guess she saw just how sad the thought of my ex got me, so she began being nicer all of a sudden. As I looked into her eyes, she began to stroke my crotch seductively. Despite being weirded out since she’s my stepsis, I couldn’t help but get aroused as I’ve always thought she was stunning. Before I even had the chance to start the car, she started to strip, and once her perfect teen pussy got revealed, she grabbed my hand and put if on her pussy lips. Her pussy was so beautiful, a tidy pretty pussy! It is hard to imagine a more perfect pussy than my sister has. Her eyes started wandering down my pants. Seeing her legs spread made it impossible not to get horny, so I gave in to the temptation and excitedly rubbed her sweet snatch. Since I got her wet in an instant, she decided to show her gratitude by sucking me off, and I enjoyed every second of it. Unfortunately, we were still in the public parking lot, so I didn’t let her finish me off until we were safe at home. The second we got back, my sexy stepsister pulled me by the hand and into her room to continue our taboo fun. I was already too hard to stop, so I let her ride me as much as she wanted. The moment her warm wet pussy touched the tip of my dick, I felt an otherworldly pleasure envelope me. Although I enjoyed seeing her on top, for more control, I bent her over into doggy style. Within minutes of squeezing her bubble butt and banging, I feel her insides tighten as she lets out a loud moan from cumming. Before having the time to catch my breath, my naked stepsister already switched around and spread her legs wide. Without wasting a minute, I thrust deep into my stepsister’s teen slit as hard as possible until I was ready to spray her with my load.






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