Purple Panties (L)

Here is a new story from me. Creamy Patty recently shared her anniversary exploits with us, and she inspired me to do the same. We do seem to have quite a bit in common with one another, and I love and enjoy her free and daring spirit. Our love for our husbands and what we do to pleasure them, and ourselves, is most certainly something worth sharing.

I thank everyone here at MarriageHeat for the opportunity and privilege to be so bold and naughty. It excites me greatly to share the intimacies of myself and my husband that we would hold in privacy elsewhere.

This post has been a while cumming. My husband thought it would be something that might incite behavior of this nature in someone here at MarriageHeat and inspire them. The language is explicit, deliberate and naughty, but it’s not used with the intention to offend anyone. It is my wish to excite you with what Michael and I do to keep our marriage heat alive. I hope you enjoy my true story.  So here goes.

We recently had an anniversary, and I wanted to share the evening’s adventure with everyone. We teased each other as the day went on, and I was ready for the night out with Michael. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him.

We had made plans to go to a high-end steakhouse for dinner. I dolled up with a nice dress that I had only worn a few times. It was short, flirty, and showed off my cleavage quite well. We were both looking forward to the night together. Reservations had been made, and we arrived as the sun was setting.

We were greeted and seated as soon as we walked in. It was a weeknight and slow. At a nice booth with no neighbors and only a few tables around us with guests, I sat across from Michael. I was able to caress him with my feet and tease him during dinner; a nice white linen tablecloth hid most of my advances. It was fun playing with him during dinner and set the tone for the evening ahead.

Dinner was excellent and our waitress was more than we could ask for: attractive, friendly and accommodating. She knew of our anniversary and congratulated us with a free desert of our choice. Once desert was ordered, I excused myself to go to the ladies room. I had planned what was to come next.

As I returned to our booth, I placed my purple lace panties on the table in front of my husband. I received a very nice smile as I sat down and enjoyed watching Michael hold my panties to his face to inhale my essence. (I had rubbed and played with my pussy during dinner, and my panties were still quite damp with my nectar when I put them on the table.) It really turned me on seeing him with my panties in his hands against his face.

His back was to our waitress as she brought desert and witnessed him as he put my panties on the table. She placed the Key Lime pie next to the panties and winked at me as she turned around and left with a smile on her face. She received a very nice tip and the rest of the evening was ours to enjoy.

Always the gentleman, Michael opened the door for me and helped me in the truck. I kicked my heels aside and pulled my dress over my head before Michael got in the truck. He held my panties to his face again, and I watched him inhale my essence and heard him moan in delight. I giggled and mimicked him as he placed my panties on the dash and smiled at me, then started the truck. Removing my matching lace bra, I placed it on the dash with my panties and was naked before we left the parking lot. I do love being so naughty. A shawl was nearby to cover up with if needed.

I got his pants unbuttoned and unzipped, and he helped me get them down to his knees as we drove. We had a half-hour ride home, and I request he take the long way so I had some quality time to tease and fool around with him. I’ll call it foreplay!

I fondled him as he drove us home and took pleasure seeing his cock so hard and excited. He placed his hand on the inside of my thigh and gently pulled my leg towards him.

Turning in the seat to present myself to him, I showed him my freshly shaved pussy. I was excited and fingered my wet pussy at his request. I fed him my nectar and loved hearing him moan as he sucked on my fingers.

Caressing him, I painted his cock with my lipstick. I playfully sucked his cock and teased him with my lips as he drove and had fun keeping him hard till we got home. He had what I wanted, and I was wet and ready. I was his to enjoy.

When we got home, I gathered what was removed and covered up with the shawl. I laughed as Michael tried to pull his pants up with his cock so hard.

We made it in the house, and I asked him to give me a minute and ran upstairs. I brushed my teeth, lit some candles and turned on some blues. Them I planted myself on the bed and waited for my husband. When he made it upstairs, I got up and undressed him. I was naked in front of him and, at his request, I knelt down to receive his cock.

He was so hard as I dropped to my knees and brushed my nipples against his cock. I reached up, placed my hands on his chest and tweaked his nipples as my fingernails slid down his torso.

My hands then held his silky smooth manhood to my mouth as he penetrated me. I sucked him slow and deep and pleasured him with loving lips and a warm and wanting mouth.

His hard cock swelled in my mouth, and I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and heard him moan. Holding his hips in my hands, I pulled him in deep and felt his cock at the entrance of my throat. I embraced what he was giving me.

I moaned as I pleasured him and let him know how much I loved sucking him. He held my head in his hands as I tried my best to swallow his cock. I invited him to fuck my mouth and lovingly endured all he fed me.

The thrusts of his cock gave me what I wanted and I loved hearing him moan as the tip of his cock probed my throat. His stance was beginning to tremble as he fucked my mouth, and I wanted us to be more comfortable. My pussy needed his cock inside me.

Leading him to the bed, I laid him down and propped his head up with a few pillows. I told him that I wanted to suck him with my pussy, and that’s exactly what he wanted to hear. Climbing onto him, I swallowed his cock with my pussy, and sucked him up deep inside me.

I love riding him cowgirl and having my way with him. Grinding my cunt against the base his cock is something I really enjoy! It made me so very wet and excited.

I wet my fingers with the honey from my pussy and offered them to him. He sucked them clean and asked for more.

Next, I picked up my industrial strength wand vibrator, placed it against my pussy and easily gave myself my first orgasm. I continued to sweetly fuck my husband, and my orgasms were wonderful.

Michael pulled on my hips and motioned for me to fuck his mouth, and I honored his request. Especially after I’ve had an orgasm, I love feeding him my pussy. I am his Yum Yum!! Planting my pussy on his mouth as I straddled his face, I gently massaged his mouth with my dripping pussy.

My creamy cunt slid all over his mouth as he sucked me and fucked me with his tongue. Holding my ass in his hands, he gave me no escape. He pulled my cunt tightly to his mouth as he sucked and licked on me till I came in his mouth again and again. Oh my God, how I love being sucked on!  I lost count of my orgasms.

After a brief pause, it was now my turn to service my husband. Michael’s cock had been hard all this time, and I wanted to pleasure him in return while I still had some strength left.

He sat up in bed, propped himself up against the headboard and offered me his cock. Getting on my knees in front of him let me be both submissive and also in control.

He held my head in his hands and guided me as I sucked on him. I looked up at him with eyes that told him how much I loved what I was doing to him. The honey from my pussy flavored his cock, and I enjoyed having him in my mouth again. I could feel the expanded veins in his cock with my tongue and knew he would erupt soon.

His cock felt so good in my mouth, and I told him how much I loved it. I wanted to feel his cock swell in my mouth, and feel it spasm and pulse his creamy cum. I wanted to suck him off.

My mouth had fully re-engulfed him, and I felt his cock swell. He held my head in his hands and pulled me down till my lips were at the base of his manhood. He was massaging my throat with his cock. I enjoyed every thrust of his hips as he fed his warm, yummy cum into my waiting mouth.

I sucked him off and swallowed all he had to give me. Licking my lips, I continued sucking gently on his cock until he calmed down. Then I thanked him for the wonderful evening.

I’ve sucked him to sleep so many times before, but this evening was special and more than I could ask for. Having him cum in my mouth is such an intimate and loving gesture.  I do love providing my husband with such a wonderful and pleasurable gesture. Returning the loving service he gives to me is the best part of being married. Giving of myself to my husband for his delight is my gift as his wife. I am his to enjoy.

We shared a loving kiss goodnight and another memory made. I will reflect on this evening for the rest of my days. What a nice way to end the celebration. I hope we do this again soon. Happy Anniversary, darling.

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