Submissive maid lets her master use her as he pleases

The curious maid can’t help but feel as if something’s off with the family she’s working for. As she investigates their records, she quickly realizes that the schoolmaster who’s tasked with teaching them has his own ways of discipline. She rushes to the garden to see if it’s true, and there she sees the gorgeous Amber bent over and being spanked. Rather than interfere, she stays hidden and watches in awe as the blonde cutie moans and obeys his orders. Soon enough, the schoolmaster whips out his huge cock, and the sexy girl eagerly obliges with his wishes and sucks on it passionately. After ensuring every inch of it has felt the insides of her throat, she feels him pulling her up by her beautiful long hair. Once bent over, the naked girl arches her back and moans with joy as he stretches out her insides with his huge manhood. While doing so, he makes sure to spank her ass, as he can sense her pussy tighten whenever he does so. To reward her for being such a good little maid, he flips her around and fingers her twat until she squirts everywhere. After realizing how good the master has made her feel with his big dick, the blonde fully gives in to the role of a submissive slut whose job is to serve him. Without wasting a second, the naked girl climbs on top and shows him how grateful she is by riding him with every bit of strength that’s left in her breathtaking body. Now that she’s fully his to use, he makes sure to pummel her outdoors in the kinkiest of positions possible before giving her a reward. Amber is fucking perfect. She could be a model. So beautiful from head to toe. Her voice is so fucking sexy too, and I love how many times she cums. I never get tired of looking at this gorgeous slut. She has it all : a natural lovely breast, wonderful long legs and all these nice little things which makes of a fuck goddess! And, yes, the black boots are hot! Maybe a bit of masturbation from the young observer would have enhanced the eroticism of the scene. Amber is incredibly sexy and a joy to watch. Once he’s about to nut, he pulls out and jerks off his thick meat vigorously before cumming all across her pretty and exhausted face.






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